It appears incumbent Milwaukee Alderman Jim Witkowiak will have a challenger next spring, as real estate developer and business leader José Perez will be kicking off his campaign on Monday, July 25.

Here’s the details for the kickoff event:

Hello all! ¡Saludos!

Please remember to mark this Monday on your calendar:

25 de Julio, 2011
6pm – 8pm
Tres Hermanos
1332 West Lincoln Avenue

José couldn’t do this without your love and support. Thank you to all the wise women & men, mentors and advocates that have joined the campaign for fresh, active leadership in the 12th District. Please invite folks on Facebook, and register to receive emails on our website:

Our new Facebook Page:

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7 Responses to José Perez for Alderman campaign kicks off Monday, July 25

  1. JCG says:

    As long as I don’t here the words “Run gov’t like a business” come from him, I’m all fer him.

  2. JCG says:

    Has anyone stepped up against Donovan yet, that you know of? That’s the other district that’s become heavily hispanic, so here’s to hoping.

  3. JCM says:

    To respond to the 8th district, yes, Chez Ordonez and another young Hispanic will be running against Donovan. Yey. If you want info about Chez, please email us at

  4. JCG says:

    It looks like Lamar Amos-Sikora has filed to run against Puente in the 9th AD.

    He’s a legislative director for the ATU, and I like what I see from him here:

  5. twitch says:

    Jennifer Morales is running against Donovan in the 12th.

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