According to a recent poll done for Democrats by the Mellman Group, Democratic State Rep. Sandy Pasch (pictured, left), who is challenging Republican State Senator Alberta Darling in a recall election, is in a dead heat with Sen. Darling.

The poll of 350 likely voters had Pasch with a lead of 47% of likely voters to Darling’s 46%, a difference that was within the poll’s margin of error but marked a drastic departure from previous polling that showed Darling with a 9 percentage point lead over Pasch. Republicans have been quick to dismiss the poll, given that it was commissioned by Democrats, but I’m of the belief that the Pasch/Darling race has tightened significantly since Sandy Pasch first entered the race, and I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if Sandy Pasch was able to overcome the significant financial advantage of Sen. Darling to pull out a victory.

If you’d like to help Sandy Pasch continue her push towards victory, consider making a secure donation to her campaign.

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6 Responses to Pasch edges out Darling in latest poll

  1. Super Id says:

    Yawn. Two rich white women who only know their party line.

  2. Zuma Bound says:

    Let’s see if you’re still (*yawning*) when Darling loses her seat to Pasch.


    Kinda doubt that you will be.

    ]Section 5, Subsection 17 of the Wingnut Playbook directs the wingnut to feign a lack of interest about those things which freak him or her out the most and/or for which he or she lacks a viable, self-serving response or explanation.]

    • Super Id says:

      Won’t bother me either way.

      They’re both stooges for their respective parties. If your expecting something more, you’re the one that will be disappointed.

  3. Zuma Bound says:

    It’s okay, Super Id. The extent to which you are “bothered” or not about this is really kind of academic, I suppose.

    Scott Walker, the Fitgeralds, Darling (obviously), the Republican Party of Wisconsin, the Koch brothers, all of the Republicans/wingnuts/[fill-in-the-blank] from across the country who were crowing about the conservative “revolution”, on the other hand, are sh*tting bricks at the implications.

    Just as I suspect you are in the privacy of your own thoughts.

  4. NeoConArtist says:

    Ah, I see the Club For Growth has dragged out the usual ads accusing the Democrat of hating children and loving child molesters. How anyone can line up with these sick freaks makes no sense to me.

    It also means they’re nervous. As they should be. Any race that comes down to voter turnout is more likely to go blue.

  5. Just listened to Alberta Darling on the Ben Merens show. She talked non-stop for 25 minutes straight without taking a breath. Not sure exactly what she said, but it sounded like she’s been furiously studying Michelle Bachmann game film, i.e. tone of voice, repetition of talking points, never let Merens get a word in edgewise, ignoring glaring contradictions in her talking points, etc, etc.

    I wonder if she blinked even once during the………ah,….umm, er…. interview?, no, ah………. monologue.

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