From YouTube user “madtowngirl2” comes this footage of her son trying to get a voter ID at a DMV office in Madison.

This is exactly the kind of difficulty and confusion Republicans want as folks head to their local DMV officers to get voter IDs in advance of the 2012 elections, because this kind of thing will certainly discourage those folks who’ll need voter IDs the most – students, the elderly, and minorities – three groups who also happen to vote heavily Democratic.

And to add insult to injury, Gov. Scott Walker has ordered the closing of 10 DMV service centers in areas that tend to vote Democratic, with new DMV service centers to be opened in areas that tend to vote Republican. Coincidence? I think not.

What we’re seeing here is the culmination of years of work on the part of conservatives to first convince citizens of “widespread vote fraud” where none existed just so they could then justify their blatant efforts to make it harder for Democratic voters to get out and cast their votes.

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One Response to Voter ID at the DMV – here’s how Republicans want things to be in 2012

  1. Randy Bastard says:

    I’ll just re-post what I said at Raw Story:

    All of it is quite damning. But when the supervisor says that a replacement card would be charged for regardless of the card’s use he sealed the deal for our side.

    The state’s responsibility to ‘allow’ someone to vote isn’t a one time thing. It’s an ongoing legal relationship and the state cannot decide you’ve reached your limit of free voting just because your card went through the wash.

    Game over. Now we just need a federal judge to suspend the law. Maybe we can get said judge to stop the radical repub redistricting on the grounds that the poll tax is so egregious that ALL of Walker’s ‘political’ acts should be examined.

    A boy can dream.

    Practicing law without a license is my third most favorite crime.

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