Yeah, Republican State Senator Randy Hopper is a real class act:

Tuesday can’t come soon enough, because Randy Hopper doesn’t deserve to serve in the office he currently holds.

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11 Responses to Randy Hopper: “I’m going to ruin you for every F-ing thing you’ve done” (VIDEO)

  1. wes_ben says:

    Gee, I think this would make great commercial material….

  2. Jan Tessier says:

    Zach, who is taking this video? Is it you? If so, then I would like your permission to send it to Ed Schultz for airing on Monday night.

    • Zach W says:

      I didn’t shoot the video, but the person who posted it on YouTube made it clear they were okay with it being used for whatever…

      • morninmist says:

        Make it go viral in his district NOW please.

        • Zach W says:

          morninmist, I wish I had that kind of pull, but alas, I’m just a small potatoes blogger.

          • JCG says:

            Make it happen!

            • Zach W says:

              Okay chief; I’ll get right on that!

              • JCG says:

                Just sayin’ your list is getting long, dude.

                1. Make a YouTube vid go viral
                2. Start a progressive talk radio station in MKE.
                3. Get Heinzelman the campaign cash he needs to become an Aldermanic juggernaut (that’s really mine, but I’m dumping off on you because this is my comment and I can do what I want!)
                4. Get better at only posting things on your blog that everybody is interested in (completely joking if you can’t tell).
                592. Make a living.
                830. Be a great husband and father.

                We’ll let you know how you’re doing.

                • Zach W says:

                  JCG, the radio station thing isn’t mine; that’s already being worked on by folks with far more pull than me.

                  As for the rest of that list, I’ll get right on it…starting with #830 and #592 (in that order).

  3. Jan Tessier says:

    Zach, I e-mailed Arthur through YouTube asking him to forward it to Ed Schultz. I guarantee you that Ed will air it on his show. He’s put up stuff that I and others have sent to him. He reads all his e-mail personally. Thanks for putting this up for us all to see. Hopper is such a piece of shit.

  4. This clip looks like it could have been a scene from ” Bob Roberts”.

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