Apparently Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert think it’s hi-larious to joke about how hitting golf balls with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s picture on them would give him a little extra oompf.

During an exchange with conservative talk show host Lars Larson last week Tuesday, here’s what Rep. Gohmert said (emphasis added):

LARSON: My producer is from Ohio. He noticed that John Boehner was apparently using Nancy Pelosi golf balls at a recent fundraiser, and my producer wants to get a whole sleeve of those things. He thinks it might make him hit better.

GOHMERT: [laughs] I’ll bet you it’ll put a little extra oomph in it. No kidding, yeah. Well, I’ll have to check on that. I’ll have to see where we get those.

Curiously, the have been silent on Rep. Gohmert’s comments, just as they typically are in the face of right-wing incivility.

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