I’m not one bit surprised, but it turns out all those statements from conservatives about how labor unions spent upwards of $30 million during the 2011 recall elections aren’t even close to being true.

According to PolitiFact, labor unions spent just around $15 million on Wisconsin’s recall elections, a far cry from the $30 million RNC chair Reince (I got beat by Bob Wirch) Priebus said they spent.

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4 Responses to So about that “$30 million” unions spent on the recalls in Wisconsin….

  1. Mark says:

    So, PolitiFact is correct on this one? So when is Politifact right, and when is it wrong? I’m getting confused, since the left blasts it on one day, then heralds it the next.

    • T. says:

      Technically Politifact deconstructs statements and are fairly objective about it for the most part. The statement can be true while still hiding something more to it or withholding extra information. This is why at times Politifact can be ‘wrong’ by not putting other things that are related but not a part of that said statement into account.

  2. Mark,

    They’re right when they get their facts straight and they’re wrong when they don’t. Hope that helps.

  3. Jan Tessier says:

    Here’s an idea: Check Politifact’s attributions for their article, and THEN come back here and question their integrity. One of their sources was a conservative think tank.

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