Speaking to attendees of the Milwaukee Newsmakers luncheon on Tuesday, Republican State Senator Alberta Darling, the subject of a recall because of her lock-step support of Gov. Scott Walker, had an extremely hard time naming one company that had created jobs in the 8th State Senate district that she represents as the direct result of the “job creation” incentives that were approved by the Republican-controlled legislature in January.

The question posed to Sen. Darling asked, “You mentioned in your previous answer it is all about growing jobs, can you name one company in your district that has add a meaningful number of due in large part to the incentives that were approved by the legislature in January?”

Here’s Sen. Darling’s response:

Not exactly a response that inspires confidence in Republican job creation efforts, that’s for sure.

During the same appearance, Sen. Darling was asked about Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to effectively end Medicare, a plan Sen. Darling said she wholeheartedly supported at a campaign fundraiser back in June. Asked on Tuesday about Rep. Ryan’s plan to end Medicare, Sen. Darling said, “I don’t know the details,” adding that she supports Paul Ryan and his “fiscal goals.”

To recap, Sen. Alberta Darling now claims not to know the details of Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare, a plan she previously supported without question, but despite now not knowing the details of that plan, she still supports it.

That doesn’t make a lick of sense to me….what about you?

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2 Responses to VIDEO: Alberta Darling can’t name a single job created in her district thanks to Republican job creation efforts

  1. gnarlytrombone says:

    And then yesterday she said she’s been hiding out because aliens are trying to kill her.

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