Earlier today the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America, joined by MoveOn.org, started airing a new ad here in southeastern Wisconsin. The ad highlights one voter who’s voted Republican in the past – having voted for Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, George W. Bush, and Alberta Darling – but who’s now voting for Democratic Rep. Sandy Pasch to replace Sen. Darling in the Wisconsin State Senate.

Keauna Gregory, the Wisconsin Organizing Director of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, issued a statement about the ad, saying, “Even Republican voters are turned off by the Alberta Darling’s war on middle-class families. When she voted to cut funding for local schools, local communities, and programs like BadgerCare, she awoke a sleeping giant in the electorate. Next Tuesday, when we win these recall elections, it will make history — and the impact will be felt across the nation.”

Here’s the ad:

“Clearly Republicans in Wisconsin have gone too far in their war on working families when their own voters are jumping ship. I think Alberta Darling is in for an August Surprise. Voters are fighting back and Wisconsin is just the beginning. Republicans in Congress are in for their own surprise in 2012,” said Charles Chamberlain, the Political Director for Democracy for America, in a statement.

Two polls, which you can read HERE and HERE, both have the race between Sandy Pasch and Alberta Darling as a statistical dead heat.

2 Responses to VIDEO: Darling Voters for Pasch

  1. Super Id says:

    According to the Daily Kos poll you linked Scott Walker has a 51% approval rating. Even with the margin for error that’s was a surprise to me.

    • Zach W says:

      The poll questioned 1476 likely voters, and if you look at the bottom, the poll seems to have skewed slightly Republican, with more of those polled having identified as voting for Scott Walker in the previous election. Perhaps that explains Walker’s 51% approval rating.

      Tom Barrett 693 47%
      Scott Walker 738 50%
      Didn’t vote/Don’t remember 44 3%

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