Last week it became public knowledge that Cullen Werwie, the spokesperson for Republican Gov. Scott Walker, had been granted prosecutorial immunity back in April as part of an ongoing John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County.

At the time, I couldn’t help but wonder how long Werwie would keep his job as Gov. Walker’s spokesperson, and I figured I’d have a little fun with a poll.

So what do you think….how long will Cullen Werwie have a job in Gov. Walker’s administration?

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The Cap Times has more on Cullen Werwie’s lack of credibility given his lies of omission regarding his own involvement in the John Doe investigation.

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8 Responses to (POLL) How long will Cullen Werwie last?

  1. Palli says:

    Back in April- I expect that means dear Cullen has not been a regular attendee of executive office confabs as he might have heard too much too often!

  2. Palli says:

    Would you say the hallmark of Walker management style is:
    1.) bribery
    2.) hush money
    3.) payola
    4.) ransom
    5.) extortion
    6.) all of the above
    7.) all of the above and more.

  3. Steven Reynolds says:

    Scott Walker will try and prove his innocence by keeping the guy. It is his only choice.

  4. grumps says:

    The only way Werwie moves away from the podium is if they give him a landing spot away from the arc lights.

    He’ll wind up with a fellowship at one of the Koch-financed think tanks where he’ll bide his time cleaning the filter and writing pleading emails to Rick Graber asking for one more chance.

    His sin, of course, is that by taking the immunity card he’s broken the code of omerta in Walker’s circle. He lines himself up with Tessio with that move and must be sent to sleep with the, metaphorical, fishes.

  5. T. says:

    Republicans are never held accountable for their actions anyway, so what honestly makes you think that something will come out of his investigation?

    I’m being serious about this.

  6. Steven Reynolds says:

    Alas, T, we know you are being serious, and fear you are correct.

  7. CJ McD says:

    He’ll be recruited and advance to another position, far away from the public eye in Wisconsin.

    If he’s dismissed, the poo is on Walker. If he’s given a plum assignment, an offer, let just say, too good to refuse, he’ll be back in the swim. Just not a swim in the big pond is all.

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