This nugget of goodness comes courtesy of the Root River Siren:

In the 1990’s, Neumann told the New York Times:

“If I were elected God for a day, homosexuality wouldn’t be permitted.”

Got that? Mark Neumann wished (and maybe still does wish) he could be God for a day so he could be a bigot.

It’s just a good thing Mark Neumann hasn’t ever been elected God – even if just for a day.

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2 Responses to Well it’s a good thing Mark Neumann wasn’t elected God then…

  1. Jeff Simpson says:

    Personally I would use it to cure Cancer, but I guess we all have priorities!

  2. ConcernedMom says:

    Does anyone have Mark Neumann’s contact information? I ask that because at Hope High School if the children do not conform to the religious doctrines taught, they are harrassed, denied school lunch and are taunted by staff. This is true and its my understandng he is the CEO of the school. If anyone has his contact information; e-mail, mailing address and or phone number please post. Thanks!

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