Mistresses behaving badly: Valerie Cass edition

Apparently Valerie Cass was none too happy when her still-married boyfriend Randy Hopper was arrested for driving drunk….

The complainants who filed the report against Hopper told Venne that Cass approached their vehicle after Hopper was taken away and yelled at them. Cass had to be physically restrained by a woman who came to pick her up. Cass also attempted to take a photo of the family, according to Venne’s supplement to his report.

It’s worth noting that according to a written statement provided by the daughter of the complainants, Randy Hopper almost got into a head-on crash with a blue Mazda near Bud’s Landscaping on Highway 151 in the town of Taycheedah.

Instead of being angry at the family who helped get a dangerous drunk driver off the streets, perhaps Valerie Cass should focus her anger on Randy Hopper for choosing to drive drunk, endangering not only himself and Cass, but other drivers sharing the roads with Randy Hopper as he drove drunk.

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  1. what is it about this batch of republicans and lists/pics etc???

    Vicki Mckenna takes pictures of people she disagrees with and shares on Facebook, the Macgyver institute is making a list of anyone who has sympathized with OWS, valeria cass is trying to take pictures of people who want to make their community a safer place……

    You know who else made lists????