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To say I’m a big fan of former Republican State Senator Randy Hopper (pictured, right) would be an understatement, but I’m not a fan of his politics – I’m a fan of his foibles and follies. You’ll remember Randy Hopper from such hits as “Randy Hopper, family man,” “I’m going to ruin you for every F-ing thing you’ve done,” and “Randy Hopper is a ridiculous liar,” and now we can add “Randy Hopper, OWI offender” to the list of Randy Hopper’s foibles.

Yesterday Jeff reported on Hopper’s arrest Sunday night for Operating While Intoxicated, and while he did a great job of reporting on Hopper’s OWI arrest, it’s worth mentioning that there’s at least one place you won’t hear about Hopper’s arrest – Hopper’s own radio station. As reported by MAL Contends, Fond du Lac’s KFIZ, which has a news-talk radio format and is owned by Hopper’s Mountain Dog Media, had not mentioned Hopper’s OWI arrest as of mid-afternoon on Monday.

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3 Responses to Randy Hopper, OWI offender

  1. Steven Reynolds says:

    Perhaps it isn’t news to them, in the sense that in Fond du Lac everyone knows Randy was an OWI waiting to happen?

  2. morninmist says:

    I am grateful that no one was hurt (yes, even Randy).

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