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15 Responses to The Randy Hopper OWI arrest dash cam video

  1. Orlin Sellers says:

    Amazing that a private citizen would get so much scrutiny after being the victim of government brain-laundered snitches.
    He harmed no one, caused no damage to any property. Drunk driving laws are absolutely stupid.
    I say that if it is the former AG Peggy L. or this dude. But I would bet that folks here probably bent over backwards to dismiss poor Peg’s lack of responsible behavior, even though she was the state’s top prosecutor of criminals at the time of her incident.

    • Zuma Bound says:

      Orlin: “Drunk driving laws are absolutely stupid.”

      Seriously? Is that something that you really want to say? Are you THAT much of an ideologue that you would go THERE in defense of a Republican “has been” like “private citizen” Randy Hopper?


      Echos of Notalib. . .

    • Zach W says:

      “He harmed no one,” you say, but he certainly could have, as he narrowly avoided a head on collision with another vehicle. The fact that you’re condoning drunk driving says a lot about you, and not in a good way.

      As to your comment about the complainants being snitches, I suppose you’re just as opposed to witnesses of homicides sharing information with the police, lest they be labeled snitches.

      And for the record, Randy Hopper isn’t a private citizen; he’s a public figure, given the office he once held.

      • Orlin Sellers says:

        Zach, he could have hurt someone if he hadn’t been drinking. Should we arrest everyone because they could hurt someone?
        I’m not condoning driving drunk, but I can’t see arresting anyone unless they have committed a crime with a victim. It is as ridiculous as a hate or thought crime.
        You are comparing witnesses to an actual crime to say someone who calls the cop because someone looks suspicious, like say a black guy in a white neighborhood?
        Am I to assume you went crazy when Peg drove drunk and drove into a ditch? I can’t remember, did she wreck a state vehicle or her own?

        Are you in favor of arresting everyone who acts irresponsibly but harms no one?

        • JCG says:

          Zach, I agree with Orlin. The cops violated private citizen “Randy” Randy’s liberty here, and clearly a better society would be one where the cops had waited until he crashed head-on into the family minivan to arrest him.

          Isn’t that obvious?

          Sigh…when will we learn that Somalia has it right?

          • Orlin Sellers says:

            Are you suggesting only drunk drivers have head on collisions? Perhaps we should arrest and prosecute anyone with a telephone, computer, tv in their vehicles because they MIGHT have an accident because of irresponsible driving. Welcome to progressive Amerika.

        • Zach W says:

          “I can’t see arresting anyone unless they have committed a crime with a victim. “

          So Orlin, let me pose a hypothetical to you.

          Let’s say a convicted felon who happens to be illegally in possession of a firearm fires said firearm into a crowd of people but miraculously manages to avoid injuring anyone. If we apply your logic, said convicted felon who illegally possessed a firearm and then fired said firearm should not be arrested since there were no victims, right?

    • JCG presents: Orlin v. Orlin says:


      I say that if it is the former AG Peggy L. or this dude.


      Peg’s lack of responsible behavior, even though she was the state’s top prosecutor of criminals at the time of her incident.


      Drunk driving laws are absolutely stupid.

      • Orlin Sellers says:

        Do I imply somewhere that in either case driving drunk is responsible behavior? If I did , that was not my intention.
        And yes, drunk driving laws are idiotic. Feel free to convince me otherwise.

    • Rich says:

      That is, by far and away, the most ridiculous and irresponsible thing I have ever seen posted by you, and you’ve had some doozies. Shame.

      • Rich says:

        My last comment was a knee jerk emotional response, so I’d like an alibi.

        Orlin, here is your chance to make your case that you are a reasoned and rational individual and not just some crank who hates everything.

        If you think current drunk driving laws are “absolutely stupid”, then what would you do to change them and still ensure the public safety? Be complete, and use research to back up your proposal. Your credibility is on the line. Go.

  2. Orlin,

    I suspect you may be an obstreperous ramapithecus punjabicus, but I can’t say for sure since I am not a paleobiologist.

  3. Jeff Simpson says:

    Don’t forget it was the republicans who wanted to make first time DUI a felony. that would have put Randy Hopper in the same league as Scooter Jensen.

  4. […] and the people of Wisconsin. Lying piece of conservative shit. Want a better video of his arrest? Check out the police cruiser dash cam video. It’s a long one, but you can just skim through it to the fun parts. It goes to show the long […]

  5. Conservative apologists are such simpletons. When their cretinous leaders fall, their unwavering support never fails. These “people” are a scourge who desire nothing more than the complete desecration of this planet and it’s inhabitants. Teabaggers (they are repulicans) are the worst of the worst. Their mere presence in any type of discourse is tiresome.

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