And does a very thorough job of it. Now at least we have Herman Cain!

20 Responses to Thom Hartmann Breaks Down 40 Years of Republican Treason

  1. Orlin Sellers says:

    What do you call it when:
    A president fights an undeclared war in Korea
    A president fights an undeclared war in Vietnam
    A president uses a false flag operation in the Gulf of Tonkin
    to escalate an illegal war
    What do you call it when a president kills over 80 American citizens in a fiery inferno in a small Texas town
    What do you call it when a president bombs a Chinese embassy in an undeclared war in Bosnia
    What do you call it when a president bombs Iraq everyday for 8 years and puts sanctions on innocent people and kills over a million women and children due to lack of humanitarian aid
    What do you call it when a president escalates undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, sends drones into at least 5 sovereign nations and kills it citizens
    What do you call it when an American president assassinates 2 American and denies them their 5th Amendment rights

    And what do you call a dumb ass that likes a Republican president who has a 91% tax rate.

    And finally, what do you call a president that is actually worse than GW Bush? You call him Obama.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Jan Tessier says:

    The entire thing is bullshit. Try having a cohesive point next time. I get that you hate Obama. The crap prior to his name being mentioned is utterly illogical. You lost me at “What”.

    • Orlin Sellers says:

      Translation: You have no rebuttal.

      • Anon says:

        @Orlin…Jan never has anything to add but hostility and name calling.

        • Orlin Sellers says:

          Anon, thanks for the heads up.

          • Zuma Bound says:

            Careful who you cuddle up with, big guy. “Anon” is short for “A non-thinker”.

            More importantly, Jan Tessier is a thoughtful, intelligent person. If she thinks that you were rambling like schizophrenic streetperson in your comment, you should pay attention to what she had to say about it.

            Having read the subject comment, I agree with Jan.

            Take your meds, bro.

            Do you honestly expect people to take you seriously when you post something like that?

            • Anon says:

              @Zuma…maybe you can use your influence with Zach and get me banned. Start the emailing…

              Jan is good at telling others they have no point but then never ever makes one of her own.

              • Zach W says:

                There won’t be any bannings today; no one has earned that.

              • Zuma Bound says:

                Thanks for playing, Anon, but the truth is that no one really pays much attention to you. There’s a lot of real estate between a little nebbish like you and a horse’s ass like Notalib.

                In any event, Jan calls them like she sees them. If there’s a point to be made, she makes it. If you’re an rambling idiot like Orlin is, she calls you a rambling idiot. She’s a welcome voice of reason, your slant on things notwithstanding.

                That said, the fact that you spoke out in support of someone like Orlin speaks volumes about you.

                You really should have done a little research on Orlin Sellers before leaping to his defense. Jan isn’t the only intelligent voice here who sees him as intellectually and emotionally challenged.

                You clearly have an axe to grind with Jan. How sad for you that you chose to grind it over someone like Orlin.

                • mark says:

                  Yes, Jan’s thoughtful comments like “go fuck yourself”…or the tirades of sailor-worthy talk. She’s a plethora of insightful responses.

                  • Zuma Bound says:

                    Cherry-pick away, Mark.

                    Every so often, the dull-witted, obnoxious wingnut personality/attitude/mindset gets to everyone, and the “Go fuck yourselves” come out.

                    Check the following link out at which Phil Scarr and I take the gloves off with Orlin, who is an idiot there and everywhere, just as he has been here:


                    In any event, when Jan articulates a substantive point, she actually says something illuminating, unlike you. Your snarky post here is a case in point.

                    Now, go back to listening to Rush excoriate the President (for sending troops to Africa to protect the innocent from being maimed, raped and killed) for no better reason than the maimers, rapists and killers adopted a name for themselves that had the word “Lord” in it.

                    Always a “pleasure”, Mark.


            • Orlin Sellers says:

              That you agree with the person that got ‘lost’ after ‘what’ tells me everything I need to know.

      • Zuma Bound says:

        Better translation: “The entire thing is bullshit.”

        One does not, and realistically cannot, rebut incoherent ramblings, Orlin.

        You, as the rambling incoherent, have no place or business judging Jan’s eminently reasonable and rational response to your word/concept salad.

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