Seems Big Pharma is so desperate to defend Herman Cain that he’ll attack a 13 year old.  

Oh, to those a bit confused right now, “Big Pharma” is a nickname for Rush Limbaugh.  (Thanks Duncan. . . I forgot you used that nickname for Rush.)

Meanwhile, back in politics, that 13 year old is going to be oh so thankful his Christmas Tree doesn’t suffer a 15 cent “tax.”  As noted here on Media Matters, and here on Politics USA,  and here at the LA Times, the whining about a “Christmas Tree Tax” is yet another fake controversy dreamed up by the FauxNews/Drudge Report nexus of liars.  Still, Obama caved on the fee, dreamed up by the Christmas Tree Growers as their opportunity to mount a similar ad campaign to “Got Milk” and “The Incredible Edible Egg.”  As such, the democratic vote of Christmas Tree Growers is thwarted by Obama caving in to Republican whiners

This is how Republicans roll.  They attack kids and make up fake controversies.  “Shame” is not a big enough word. 

As an aside, I’d love to see a tag that said “Right Wing Whackjobs.”

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