Oh this is so full of awesome!

UPDATE: This gem is from singer/songwriter Peter Leidy of Madison.

10 Responses to The Wreck of the Brothers Fitzgerald

  1. Zach W says:

    This is all sorts of awesome….thanks for posting this Phil!

  2. Dontwalkeroneme says:

    This is fantastic. I shared it on twitter.

  3. Larry Jakubowski says:

    This is true! The fight in Wisconsin will rage on until the working class rights are restored! I will not rest until my once proud state is restored to the unity if citizens it had before! Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers were the worst mistake our state ever made. Now it’s time to right the wrongs! And respect our neighbors again!

  4. JoyMama says:

    Can you update the blogpost to give singer/songwriter credit? This gem is by Madison’s own Peter Leidy.

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