The “job creators” are complaining that they can’t find “good people” to hire.  Really?

It’s amazing to me that the cult of blaming the victim hasn’t had more consequences for the GOP.  Maybe with the repeal of SB5 in Ohio that will change.

Talking about finding skilled workers, Poclain Hydraulics Vice President of Finance and Human Resources Tom Shinners said, “There’s a common sense shortage.”

He told of asking applicants what brought them to Poclain, 1300 N. Grandview Parkway, and hearing, “Well, my unemployment ran out.”

“You’re trying to help people to help themselves, and it’s often a lost cause,” Shinners added.

Ahh, beating the drums of class warfare again?  Nice.  Let’s blame the unemployed for their fate.  Let’s say that they lack undefinable attributes like “common sense” in order to whitewash the fact that the so-called “job creators” actually suck at, you know, job creation.  Frankly, I’d fire the lot of ’em.

The GOP live and die by anecdotes and second-hand stories; they devise policy as they go along or have it handed to them in a pretty binder stamped ALEC and stuffed with hundred-dollar bills.  Never mind that the data say otherwise.  Never mind that if they’d just spend half a day with some actual economists they might learn how to read the economic tea leaves and devise a plan to get Wisconsin moving forward again.  No, that requires work and “book learnin'”.  Scott Walker and his crony capitalists find it much easier to blame the unemployed for their circumstance.  Given enough time, I’m sure they’ll say the unemployed had it coming.  Or that they asked for it.

It’s SOP for the GOP.

Let’s look at the jobs data.  Currently there are 4.2 job seekers for every opening in America.

The problem is that your businesses lack demand for your products.  Stop making excuses.  It’s not regulations, it’s not taxes it’s nothing more than a lack of demand.  Blame the banks for tight capital.  And that lack of demand is not being addressed by the politicians you continue to support.  So man-up and stop blaming the unemployed for your inability to see the truth of your circumstances.

You have only yourselves to blame.

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5 Responses to We Need New Job Creators

  1. John Foust says:

    It’s like Walker’s recent photo-op with Generac, saying 400 jobs were being created. Generac’s workforce is always seasonal. When a bad storm season is expected in one part of the country, they hope to sell more generators, so they hire more workers… for a while. When the demand drops, they release 400 hourly workers, but they don’t invite the governor and they don’t write a press release. Generac also hires a great deal through temp agencies. When they had a plant here in Jefferson, they routinely leveraged a Federal program for hiring foreign student workers, which included subsidies to drop their labor cost down to the $5-6 an hour range.

  2. Ed Heinzelman says:

    And people don’t wait for their unemployment to run out…my mortgage wouldn’t get paid if I were unemployed…I’d be hustling to find something that paid some $$ pretty darn fast…and earlier this week I posted about Costco in Pewaukee…nearly 4,000 applicants for 140 jobs. There just aren’t any jobs.

    And to those employers who say they can’t get prospective employees with the right skills…stop sitting on your wringing hands…have you walked over to your local tech school and asked them to emphasize the programs that have the skills you need? Have you thought about actually spending some of your money on training your new hires? Those items would be two of the activities that set job creators apart from employers.

  3. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    And note something about the announced expansions of Generac and Paul Davis National. NO TAX BREAKS NEEDED. Even though Walker is pathetically trying to run in front of the cameras to take credit for any good job news (cause he sure needs it), none of his moves made these companies expand.

    Instead the jobs were created from the good ol’ Wisconsin traditions of high-level infrastrucure, a well-skilled workforce, and business sense from a smaller but growing company. In other words, the job creation that results from action us liberals have always said we should invest in, and the type of items that are the EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT WALKER’S POLICIES WILL LEAD TO. Don’t let anyone forget it.

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