Of all the noxious drivel that spews forth from Kevin Binversie on a regular basis this really takes the cake. From his most recent post on ” Lakeshore Laments “:

But let’s be honest with ourselves here, the unions are looking for their next version of Jim Doyle — a pathetic, do-nothing Madison liberal from a political dynasty, who as a political legacy would shoot their own children in the head to be Governor of Wisconsin.

Binversie has his own blog and no one can tell him what to write over there. But no reputable media outlet, which, presumably, the Sun Prairie Star feels itself to be, should be giving someone like Binversie credibility by printing his opinion pieces on anything.

Binversie’s remark would make Glenn Beck proud. And if Beck was too much for even Fox News, Binversie should be too much for The Sun Prairie Star.

So call Star managing editor Chris Mertes at 888-330-6083, or 608-837-2521, and tell him that common decency demands that he drop Kevin Binversie.

 It’s just the right thing to do.

Ed. Note: Here’s a screenshot of Binversie’s nonsense, preserved for posterity:

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10 Responses to Why the Sun Prairie Star should drop Kevin Binversie

  1. jeff simpson says:

    Great post! binversie has a gun fetish for sure. Mertes recently published a piece condemming democrats for all of the recall violence but was unaware of any on the right.

  2. Zach W says:

    Once again Kevin Binversie proves he has no class.

  3. babycakes says:

    Kevin appears to be a gun nut case for the experts at Mendota. He’s severely lacking in common sense.

  4. I wonder why he doesn’t pop in to defend his remark?
    Surely this was just some sort of joke that I’ve misunderstood. Or maybe it’s because I called Mertes and alerted him to what his opinion columnist is writing over on his blog?

    And I’ll ask again, why does WisOpinion publish garbage like this, ” would shoot their own children in the head to be governor of Wisconsin ”

    Kevin, come on over and defend this one. I can’t wait to hear your explanation.

    • Binversie has posted an update on his blog post. He says I don’t understand hyperbole.

      I think I do. Let me take a crack at it.

      ” Republicans would let Jerry Sandusky babysit their grandkids if it meant they could hang onto the governors mansion”

      How’s that, Kevin? Am I getting it right?

  5. Eric Basile says:

    Neither Kevin Binversie nor Chris Mertes have any real interest in offering insightful commentary to their readers. I’ve called them out on their blatant double standards and epic grandstanding far too many times, only to be met with gnashing of teeth and the sounds of deeply fractured egos. Best of luck.

  6. Dave says:

    Binversie is one of the mouthpieces that have been commissioned to irritate, obfuscate, berate, and denigrate opposition to the Koch/Scaife/Bradley/DeVos/Walton cabal’s vision for destroying America.

    They don’t care about the facts or about their own reputation – they only care about the money they are getting for playing their little parts in the overall drama of destruction we are witnessing here in Wisconsin and across the nation.

    For narcissistic sociopaths like Walker and the other politicians who support his policies, the negative attention they get from acting out stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain; they feel better when they are hurting other people.

    Flawed humans such as Binversie use their vehemence and anger to cover up the hole in their souls that were created in their formative years. Now, with the advent of mass communication available to every Tom, Dick, and Binversie out there, even the most fringe and moronic comments can go “viral” so to speak, if you will.

    So, in addition to call out each oral fart these foot soldiers of fascism utter we must also confront them with personal interactions that question their actions and motives. Stopping in to the offices of the Sun Prairie paper and talking to those who run the place directly is likely to be a more powerful counter than a simple call or email. It takes guts to confront people directly with facts and maturity; that’s why Binversie relies upon a blog to spew his bile.

    Then again, it is the Sun Prairie nuzepaper so does anything in it really matter?

  7. ray says:

    Then again, it’s the Sun Prairie newspaper so does anything in it really matter? Obvious it does matter,just look at the response from the nefarious blue fisted haters.

  8. Larry says:

    He is right. Liberals always complain about everything, but never have solutions on how to fix it. A balanced budget is a good thing. Continuing to allow laziness to thrive would be a huge mistake. Example – It is true, the children are our future, but I want not just average teachers teaching my kids – Holding people accountable, making them work hard, etc. is the way to go. Quite whining and find answer instead of being the vocal minority you are!

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