Republican State Rep. Jeff Stone is a grade-A moron.

Considering the highly negative impact the proposed mine will have on native americans living in northern Wisconsin, the tribes involved ABSOLUTELY should have a seat at the table as the impact of the proposed mine is discussed and debated.

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2 Responses to Jeff Stone: tribes don’t deserve any input into mine that will affect their reservations

  1. Jeff Stone better know that the Anishinaabeg don’t stand alone in opposition to the Penokee Hills mine. There are a lot of white folks to contend with up here too.

    And if Jeff Stone thinks he can intimidate the leadership and membership of Wisconsin’s northern tribes he’s in for a rude awakening.

    You’ll want front row seats for this.

  2. Gareth says:

    I suppose we can look forward to the mining companies and Republicans trying to whip up another round of racist hysteria reminiscent of the spear fishing wars. Unfortunately for them, sports fishermen, hunters, resort owners and the tribes have formed an alliance over the last few decades to preserve water quality and maintain the local way of life as well as the tourist economy. The people who count realize that the Indian treaties benefit everyone in keeping our forests, rivers and lakes from being despoiled by corporate parasites.

    I hail from northern Wisconsin and I am ready to go to war in alliance with the tribes to keep it from being strip-mined. I’m not the only one.
    There is absolutely no room for compromise on this issue.

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