Clever video with Rick Horowitz, Writing Consultant/Commentator on how recalling Scott Walker isn’t about sour grapes or a “do-over”, but is rather lemon law consumer protection for voters.

“When your governor turns out to be a clunker, you’re allowed to send him back to…”

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3 Responses to Video: Governor Walker Recall – Lemon Law Protection for Voters

  1. Aunt Bee says:

    So true. I also compare it to bait and switch. He offered you one thing on the campaign trail (the bait) and sold you something different than you found out about later (the switch).
    Strictly illegal.

    • forgotmyscreenname says:

      Strictly illegal? I’m not sure you can go that far, Aunt Bee. If campaign promises were against the law, we ought to lock up President Obama ASAP! Also, how was it bait and switch? Walker told us he was going to balance the budget without raising taxes. That’s what he did and I’m proud of him for it. Contrast that with former Gov. Doyle — who campaigned saying he would balance the budget and not raise taxes. Then he got elected and raised taxes and spending.

      If the”Lemon Law” is so great, why don’t we have it for the office of President? Maybe you should start a petition to get a constitutional amendment going on that.

      • Brantl says:

        Walker went through a stealth campaign to screw the unions, screw the poor, and voted in secret, which the laws of the state strictly prohibit. Now he’s trying to make it prohibitively expensive to have a protest. What a sneaky little creep. Send the lemon back.

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