The Nobel Committee Wants Its Peace Prize Back?

A Norwegian lawyer and author, Frederick Heffermehl, has prompted the Stockholm County Administrative Board to launch an investigation into the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, arguing that the committee has violated the terms of Alfred Nobels will, which established the prize.

Heffermehl has written that, in his view, over half of the awards since 1946 have not conformed with Nobels intentions and told the  Associated Press: “ Do you see Obama as a promoter of abolishing the military as a tool of international affairs?”

Maybe that Seal Team Six wrap-up in the State of the Union speech was a bit too much?

Penny Sikora defends animal abuse on Facebook

Found on Facebook…

Penny Sikora defends animal abuse on Facebook

If you’ll read the comment thread following Sikora’s original status update, you’ll see that he defends his original statement multiple times, so it seems pretty clear that Penny Sikora doesn’t place much value on the life of the family dog or cat.

Remember folks…Penny Sikora was the preferred candidate of County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic in the race to succeed outgoing (and now indicted) County Supervisor Johnny Thomas in the 18th supervisory district.

Susan G. Komen turns its back on women; citizens take action

Here we go again. Women in need are losing access to cancer screenings because “pro-life” zealots who don’t like Planned Parenthood are finding themselves in positions of power. I didn’t think I’d be posting about this issue again so soon, but I guess taking needy women as political hostages and craftily justifying it is all the rage these days. Luckily, people aren’t buying the excuse the SGK is selling. Even my own aunt, who has metastatic breast cancer, told the foundation they’ll no longer be getting her money.

“The Susan G. Komen foundation should not be political,” my aunt told me on Thursday afternoon. “People, including myself, have stood behind them for years and now they’ve turned their backs on these women for political reasons, “she said.

She finds the timing of the cuts to Planned Parenthood “suspicious” because of the relatively recent installment of Karen Handel, who ran for Governor of Georgia in 2010 on an anti-Planned Parenthood platform, as the charity’s new vice president. Auntie doesn’t believe the rationale provided for the cuts.

As Laura Bassett for the Huffington Post reports:

“Komen spokeswoman Leslie Aun said earlier that the cutoff results from the charity’s newly adopted criteria barring grants to organizations that are under investigation by local, state or federal authorities. According to the organization, this applies to Planned Parenthood since it’s the focus of an inquiry, launched by Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), seeking to determine whether public money was improperly spent on abortions. “


Luckily, it’s obvious that, like my aunt, others aren’t buying that thinly veiled excuse, either, and they’re taking action.

In fact, Planned Parenthood received $640,000 in the 24 hours after the announcement from donors clearly upset by SGK’s decision, as reported by the Washington Post on Thursday afternoon. Planned Parenthood has used the donations to create a Breast Health Emergency Fund, to assist those  affected by the loss of the Komen grants.

As much as it pains me that the Susan G. Komen foundation seemingly caved to  pressure by “pro-life” groups and politicians, it warms my heart to know that my fellow Americans are smart enough to see through its actions, strong enough to stand up and speak out against them, and kind enough to assist women in need.


Screenings save lives


County Supervisor Johnny Thomas charged with two felonies

Boy, attorney Michael Maistelman sure is keeping busy these days…

Milwaukee County Supervisor Johnny L. Thomas – the frontrunner in the race for city comptroller – was charged Thursday with accepting a bribe in exchange for promoting a company for a county contract.

Prosecutors charged Thomas with two felony counts, one for accepting a bribe and the other for misconduct in office. Thomas, 43, is chairman of the board’s Finance and Audit Committee.

I had heard rumors of another John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County that involved Supervisor Thomas, so this news isn’t shocking. However, these allegations sure would seem to put a damper on Thomas’ comptroller campaign, which had garnered the support of much of Milwaukee’s liberal establishment, including Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore, and Democratic State Sen. Lena Taylor, not to mention Sachin Chheda, the Chair of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County (who also happened to be Thomas’ campaign manager).

The Best 9 Minutes on Television

At least since Super Bowl XX! Seriously though, this 9 minute clip is for those who think that President Obama has done nothing for the American middle class. This 9 minute clip is for those who think that there is no difference between the two parties or think how bad could a mitt romney presidency be. Does anyone think that this would be the same ending if we had a Romney or Gingrich or Bush Presidency or that any of them would appoint someone as qualified as Joshua Gotbaum to a post as menial and important as this?

As a political junkie I had no idea this division ever existed. I now pledge full support to President Obama’s re-election campaign!


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H/T Sly for finding this clip.

Is Governor Walker playing “mine games” with the people of Wisconsin?

Republicans are pushing hard for the open-pit mining bill to pass through the Wisconsin State Senate, claiming it will create jobs. Many citizens have pushed back because they know it will take years to see those jobs, there won’t be that many of them, and more importantly, they recognize the damage this open-pit mine will do to their communities. This morning I received a message from the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, which served as an excellent reminder that the Wisconsin GOP’s motives have less to do with jobs and more to do with keeping a mining magnate’s yacht afloat.

The mining magnate is Chris Cline, owner of Gogebic Taconite, and he’s the one proposing the open-pit mine. According to the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, he also owns a luxury yacht called “mine games.” There’s nothing wrong with owning a yacht, of course, and that’s not the issue, but it’s relevant.

Here is why the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is so concerned, and why those of us who appreciate the finer things in life, like safe drinking water, should be, too:

Why are Governor Walker and mining magnate Chris Cline so hell-bent on passing the open-pit mining bill?

  • Governor Walker owes Chris Cline. The Cline Group and its affiliates have already donated $10K to Walker’s campaign – with $8K of it coming directly out of head honcho Chris Cline’s own pocket!
  • Gogebic Taconite gets a deal – and Chris Cline gets another yacht (while we foot the bill). If the open-pit mining bill passes, the amount Gogebic would have to pay the DNR would be capped at $1.1 million, leaving Wisconsin taxpayers to foot the bill for a potential $2.7 million shortfall.

Of course, this may all just be a coincidence, and I could be wrong about the reasons behind Governor Walker’s and the Wisconsin GOP’s burning desire for this mine.

But I’m not.

Recall Walker.


Photo of Chris Cline's yacht from WI League of Conservation Voters


What will the Bond Vigilantes do?  They’re coming to get America because of the DEBT!!!!  BE AFRAID!!!!

Ron Paul: Profoundly wrong all the time…  The yield on treasuries goes negative!

(Reuters) – The U.S. government may ask investors to pay for the privilege and safety of holding short-term debt issued by its Treasury Department.

In response to clamor from investors, the Treasury said on Wednesday it was looking closely at allowing negative-yield auctions. This would mean bidders who want the security of U.S. government debt in the face of global insecurity, might have to pay a premium for it.

Doing so would allow the U.S. government to benefit from something that is already occurring on the secondary market, where investors have accepted negative yields in recent months to protect their cash from financial strains.

Remarkably, Wall Street is asking to be able to pay a premium for U.S. debt even after the United States lost its prized AAA rating last year and as the government heads for a fourth straight year with $1 trillion-plus budget deficit.

Investors would have to pay America to park their money in T-Bills.  So much for the power of the debt & deficit idiots.