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February 2012
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The Nobel Committee Wants Its Peace Prize Back?

A Norwegian lawyer and author, Frederick Heffermehl, has prompted the Stockholm County Administrative Board to launch an investigation into the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, arguing that the committee has violated the terms of Alfred Nobels will, which established the prize.

Heffermehl has written that, in his view, over half of the awards since 1946 have […]

Penny Sikora defends animal abuse on Facebook

Found on Facebook…

If you’ll read the comment thread following Sikora’s original status update, you’ll see that he defends his original statement multiple times, so it seems pretty clear that Penny Sikora doesn’t place much value on the life of the family dog or cat.

Remember folks…Penny Sikora was the preferred candidate of County […]

Susan G. Komen turns its back on women; citizens take action

Here we go again. Women in need are losing access to cancer screenings because “pro-life” zealots who don’t like Planned Parenthood are finding themselves in positions of power. I didn’t think I’d be posting about this issue again so soon, but I guess taking needy women as political hostages and craftily justifying it is all […]

County Supervisor Johnny Thomas charged with two felonies

Boy, attorney Michael Maistelman sure is keeping busy these days… Milwaukee County Supervisor Johnny L. Thomas – the frontrunner in the race for city comptroller – was charged Thursday with accepting a bribe in exchange for promoting a company for a county contract.

Prosecutors charged Thomas with two felony counts, one for accepting a bribe […]

Fox News vs The Netherlands

Wow… Just wow… Who watches this crap?

The Best 9 Minutes on Television

At least since Super Bowl XX! Seriously though, this 9 minute clip is for those who think that President Obama has done nothing for the American middle class. This 9 minute clip is for those who think that there is no difference between the two parties or think how bad could a mitt romney presidency […]

Is Governor Walker playing “mine games” with the people of Wisconsin?

Photo of Chris Cline's yacht from WI League of Conservation Voters

Republicans are pushing hard for the open-pit mining bill to pass through the Wisconsin State Senate, claiming it will create jobs. Many citizens have pushed back because they know it will take years to see those jobs, there won’t be that many of them, and more importantly, they recognize the damage this open-pit mine will […]

Happy Birthday Philip Glass

Tuesday was Mr. Glass’ 75th birthday but I held this for the Thursday music category…


What will the Bond Vigilantes do? They’re coming to get America because of the DEBT!!!! BE AFRAID!!!!

Ron Paul: Profoundly wrong all the time… The yield on treasuries goes negative!

(Reuters) – The U.S. government may ask investors to pay for the privilege and safety of holding short-term debt issued by its Treasury Department.

In […]

The State of the Union

Mark Fiore takes on the Nazi Socialist Marxist Kenyan Non-President!