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February 2012
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“Ignore the Public Comments”

If you take away anything from this next story, as egregious as it is, remember that line. That should be the mantel that the democrats use to prop up their republican counterparts in the upcoming election.

Now on to the story: JSonline delved into more detail regarding the republicans redistricting process. and the one word […]

Falk to hold “Your Voice, Your Wisconsin” campaign announcement tour

From my email inbox comes news of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk’s “Your Voice, Your Wisconsin” campaign announcement tour, which will begin tomorrow morning in Milwaukee.

During her “Your Voice, Your Wisconsin” tour, Falk will meet with community and recall leaders, local supporters and citizens concerned about Wisconsin’s future.

Falk’s “Your Voice, Your Wisconsin” […]

Peter, Paul & Debbie

Former Michigan republican congressman and senate hopeful, is running against Senator Debbie Stabenow! Not having ideas to run on, Hoekstra went all in and bought a local ad during the Super Bowl. Instead of coming up with new ideas on how he was going to help turn Michigan’s economy around, he decided to go full […]

Oh hey

If you’re reading this, then apparently the site isn’t completely crashed.

Sorry for the technical difficulties….we had one of our “once a year” traffic spikes today, so bear with me as I try to figure out what to do to fix this problem moving forward.

“Phony” (A Song for Mitt Romney)

Hyperinflation Doom Approaches…

Crank up the printing presses at the Treasury! Time to print those $1 Billion bills so we can buy bread!


Honest Abortion?!?

I’m back riding that Ron Paul horse… From Matt Bors:

The Commercial

The chatter around the water cooler at the office this morning is about the Clint Eastwood commercial from last night’s SuperDooperBowl.

“Did you see it?”

“Yeah, I saw it, it was awesome!”

“What’s wrong with his voice?”

“Who cares! It’s great! He’s great! It was a great message!”

Last night, Twitter was ablaze with references […]

Scott Walker’s Inconsistency

How scott walker has changed his views regarding politics in Wisconsin is enough for Dan Bice to write columns through retirement. In Bice’s latest column he points out how Scott Walker was so quick to criticize Governor Doyle on the conduct of one of his aides! Walker, who we know was perpetually campaigning for Governor(PS […]