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Bay View Candidates’ Forum: The Rumble In Humboldt (Park School)

I know I promised to have something posted this morning, but, you know, life. If you followed my twittums feed last night (@folkbum, people–I only need 7 more followers to 400!), you can probably guess the themes and don’t need this wrap up. But here it is anyway.

The easy wrap is that Milwaukee County […]

Robin Vos Is (STILL) A Hingst

In case you didnt know., Robin Vos is a Hingst. Robin Vos has a history of not telling the truth and having complete disdain for the people of Wisconsin. In case there was any doubt, the events of recent days prove that Vos is still a Hingst!

Thanks to persistence from the Journal-Sentinel, over […]

Dave Zweifel: It’s time to stop demonizing public workers

This is definitely worth a read, especially the last four paragraphs.

John Kasich, Parkinsons impersonator

Watch as Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio does his best impression of a Parkinson’s patient during his recent “State of the State” speech.

Governor John Kasich Imitates A Patient With Parkinsons

Here’s the full transcript of Gov. Kasich’s speech, which would certainly seem to underscore why elected officials use teleprompters. Speaking off […]

Did you know?

Found on Facebook…

President Obama to visit Milwaukee area on February 15

So it appears President Barack Obama will be making a stop in the Milwaukee area on next week Wednesday, February 15.

No word yet on whether he’s bringing a comfortable pair of shoes with him, but given that nearly a year has passed since Republican Gov. Scott Walker began his assault on public employees here […]

WEAC endorses Kathleen Falk….but why so early?

Well, it looks like the unions are trying to dissuade any Democrats other than Kathleen Falk from running in a Democratic gubernatorial recall primary, as earlier today Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) has recommended Kathleen Falk for governor once a recall election against Republican Gov. Scott Walker is certified.

In a related story, Dan Bice […]

New Walker tool: The WisDems’ Interactive Map of Corruption

Forget the Kardashians, the hottest new reality show around is “Keeping Up with the Corruption” starring Governor Scott Walker. This drama is not just for political nerds anymore; proverbial ratings have soared as citizens across the state of Wisconsin have tuned in to see what’s going to happen next. The WisDems just unveiled the perfect […]

On Obama’s SuperPAC About-Face

A Quick One: SuperPACs are like nuclear weapons. If one side has ’em then both sides gotta’ have ’em.

I can’t blame him for changing his mind. It may be M.A.D., but what else can he do?

No Recourse for Known Recall Petition Irregularities?

While it pains me to say it, the Walkerbots might have a point on the verification process. There is a shortcoming in the language of the recall law that should at least be discussed.