Scott Walker to spend state’s mortgage settlement money to fix his budget shortfall

But I thought Gov. Scott Walker said he balanced Wisconsin’s budget… Wisconsin will use a chunk of its $140 million share of a national settlement over foreclosure and mortgage-servicing abuses to help the state budget rather than assist troubled homeowners, Gov. Scott Walker and state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said Thursday.

I think it’s […]

Boeing PWNES America!

This is unfathomably cool… A Boeing 787 flew “787” and the Boeing logo across the western United States during a test flight on February 9th. I’m speechless…


Mildly Relevant News: Rick Santorum Gets Frothy and Prop 8 is Repealed (VIDEO)

New on Mildly Relevant News: Prop 8 repealed and Rick Santorum’s frothy-mania sweeps the nation!

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