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February 2012
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Scott Fitzgerald Rambles

Steve pointed out how inept republican majority leader Scott Fitzgerald is in terms of how he completely mishandled the recall against him. Now we have video of Fitz the Elder going into an incoherent rant that has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with the topic at hand. 6 Martini lunch at the Inn at the […]

Scott Walker has a special valentine for Darlene Wink


Big Fitz Black Op?

Turns out a number of the Big Fitz challenges to the petition signatures turned in against him are based on bad addresses written by supporters of none other than……. Big Fitz! Don’t you just love it!

Fitzgerald recently sent out postcards to everyone in his district who signed a recall petition against him, several of […]

Scott Walker’s valentine to Cullen Werwie

Courtesy of the WisDems Facebook page comes Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s valentine to Cullen Werwie

And Michael Best & Freidrich Passes the Buck

I shared Senator Jon Erpenbach's letter asking for some accountability for the taxpayers from Michael Best and Friedrich in regards to the redistricting fiasco that the Fitzgerald Brothers have put us in.

Here, after a considerable wait, is the response from Michael Best and Friedrich, specifically their ethically challenged employee Eric McLeod:

February 13, […]

One Conservative’s Struggle with Math

In this case, it’s my old buddy Cindy Kilkenny! Math, alas, is not her strong suit.


Michigan Seems Like Obama’s Dream

Michigan holds its GOP primary at the end of this month, and if it were held right now it would be Mitt Romney’s nightmare. Romney, who calls himself a “son of Detroit,” and who went to school at the elite Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has is having a tough go in the state […]

Now here’s a Democratic gubernatorial candidate I could get behind…

Perhaps Tim John’s timing was off…

ALEC Goes Mainstream

While we in Wisconsin have known about Alec for a little while now, they have flown under the radar now for quite sometime. No More: today The New York Times exposed them!

It is no coincidence that so many state legislatures have spent the last year taking the same destructive actions: making it harder […]