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February 2012
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Scott Walker, tax delinquent

This is fitting…. Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign was hit with a tax warrant last month by a state agency for failing to pay unemployment compensation taxes, records show.

In the Jan. 20 filing by the state Department of Workforce Development – which is run by gubernatorial appointee Reggie Newson – Walker’s campaign was listed as […]

Tracking the Decay

A simply powerful and powerfully simple chart showing the tight correlation between the anti-union movement (really the anti-worker movement) and the decline of income share of middle-class Americans.


An open letter to President Barack Obama

Dear President Obama:

Earlier today you visited Wisconsin, and during your visit here you gave a rousing speech at the Master Lock production facility located in Milwaukee’s central city. While I’m appreciative that you chose to visit Milwaukee to highlight American companies like Master Lock “in-sourcing” jobs back to our country, I would like to […]

The Consequences of Over-Denial

There’s a scene in what should be every Democrat’s favorite movie, All The President’s Men where Woodward and Bernstein are meeting with their editor, Howard Simons to talk about a conversation Woodward had with a PR guy from the White House press office. Woodward found something funny in the way the guy responded.

This unnamed […]

No One Listens to Scott Walker Anymore

Not even the Republican Senators:

“As governor, I will sign legislation to prohibit the members of the State Legislature from voting after 10:00 at night or before 9:00 in the morning. This commonsense reform ensures the public has the opportunity to contact elected representatives about their votes on any pending legislation important […]

I Endorse

Kathleen Falk for Governor!

One year ago today was my first day at the protests. I know that the official anniversary is February 14th, I missed the first day. In the past year we have had many successes and many failures but every day has been a battle. The State is divided like never […]

“PolitiFact, you are a disaster,”

Last night Rachel Maddow focused on Politifact. Sometimes you do not need to exam the whole body of work when one example speaks for the rest. Here Maddow looks at how they examined part of Marco Rubio’s speech at CPAC.

Scott Walker’s failure on jobs and Wisconsin’s economy

Over at Playground Politics, the Recess Supervisor has an excellent entry outlining why he believes the policies of Republican Gov. Scott Walker have done more harm than good to Wisconsin’s economy and job creation. Walker’s proposals are failing for the same reason that Obama’s Making Work Pay tax credit bombed. The theory behind Making Work […]