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February 2012
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Falk endorsed by EMILY’s List, AFSCME to follow

This does not surprise me one bit… Emily’s List announced Thursday that they will back former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk for the Democratic nod to oppose Walker in the recall election later this year. One of two women running for governor, Falk is currently considered the frontrunner in the Democratic contest, though one possible […]

Take a peek at the 84 pages of redistricting documents Republicans didn’t want you to see

From a follower on Twitter comes the 84 pages of emails pertaining to the hyper-partisan and ultra-secretive legislative redistricting process that Republicans in the state legislature didn’t want you or I to see:

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The fact that Republicans in our state’s legislature want to hide how they do business from […]

Republicans Offer Contraceptive Care to Horses. Human Women? Not so Much

Yes, Republicans, led by Dan Burton of Indiana, are willing to pay for contraception for horses, but are unwilling to even let a woman testify in a hearing about contraception for women. That is the state of the Republican Party today, that they respect horses more than they do women.

Here in Wisconsin we […]

Why Do We Have Super PAC’s?

Because the Billionaires that fund them are too bat shit crazy to ever get elected. Scott Walker(and others) sugar daddy, David Koch once ran for president in 1980 and received a whopping 1% of the vote.

Koch was the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential candidate in the 1980 presidential election, sharing the party ticket with presidential […]

Erpenbach Strikes Back (again)

First, State Senator Jon Erpenbach tried to clarify the secrecy arrangement between Michael Best & Friedrich and the Senate Republicans. Then Michael Best & Friedrich passed the buck. Now Senator Erpenbach is not willing to take “don’t bother us” for an answer:

Eric M. McLeod Michael Best & Friedrich LLP One South Pinckney St […]

Here’s a double Grammy winner to start off your Thursday

Fresh off their double Grammy win, here’s “Holocene” from Wisconsin’s own Bon Iver:

Have a great Thursday!