George Takei

George Takei, aka Commander Sulu, weighs in on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to overturn California Prop 8.

Unfortunately, today’s decision does not mean that same-sex couples can resume getting hitched in California. Prop 8 may be unconstitutional, but it’s still in effect until the Supreme Court finally rules. … If the Supreme Court wants to be on the correct side of history, to say nothing of justice, it will and must uphold today’s decision.

I am nearly 75 years old. I have lived through four wars, spent my childhood in two U.S. internment camps, and watched a nation go from segregation and Jim Crow to electing an African American president.

The promise of true equality in America remains unfulfilled, but with each moment like today, I know that we can be a nation that lives up to its ideals. And I can’t wait for all those wedding invitations.

Indeed, Mr. Sulu… Indeed.

Set a course for “Equality,” warp factor 7…  Engage!

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3 Responses to Commander Sulu to the Bridge!

  1. Q says:

    Okay, I hate to be predictable (given my nom-de-plume here) but… lulz @ this post. My kinda lame.
    If’n ah seez you shakin’ it in Club 47 on Earth Space Dock I buyz u a drinkie.

  2. Steven Reynolds says:

    At my dream dinner party George takei would sit between Michelle Obama and Andy Borowitz. Of course, each of them are welcome to bring their spouses.

  3. Brandon says:

    I almost cried when I read this. Thank you.

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