This does not surprise me one bit…

Emily’s List announced Thursday that they will back former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk for the Democratic nod to oppose Walker in the recall election later this year. One of two women running for governor, Falk is currently considered the frontrunner in the Democratic contest, though one possible heavyweight Democratic contender remains undecided about a bid.

I’ve also been told that AFSCME District Councils 48 and 40 have decided to formally endorse Kathleen Falk for governor, with a public announcement of that endorsement forthcoming.

With each passing day it appears more and more likely that Kathleen Falk will end up being the odds-on favorite to be the Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

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11 Responses to Falk endorsed by EMILY’s List, AFSCME to follow

  1. Q says:

    I hate Journalism (and blog-“journalism” in most cases)
    People who work for candidates make a point to get themselves embedded in quasi-journalistic places like this, then they can write pseudo-News items like this, chock full of their OWN desires for what they’d like people to accept as “fact”. it reads that way and people who have grown up believing in “objective” journalism swallow it down, as Murdoch. The linked item is more of the same.

    Okay facts show that the Unions are heavily behind Falk, we knew that back when they were strong-arming Tom Barrett. You know their “don’t run Tom, we have the candidate picked out” meeting.
    Falk is, and has been the Unions frontrunner. They have issued press releases saying she will remain so. Other unions will probably want to keep a united front and endorse her as well.
    This is not a populist mandate. Falk remains a weak candidate vis-a-vis the state as a whole. Is the Union/Madison vote enough to carry her to a win?
    And as afar as the Party banking on pubic desperation driving people to the polls to vote for “anyone but Walker”…maybe. But then disillusioned/angry people stayed home a couple of times recently, the voting public feels abused and critically – there appears to be no real candidate of integrity to balance the waves of unrelenting BS. Falks does not present as stable. Chaos swirls up around her feet at random moments. Divisiveness lives in her shadow.
    It is even possible in her case, for each union endorsement to serve as a wedge between herself and the rest of the voting public. Falk = Divisiveness. Look at what happened, she assumed her Union Pledge would be a uniting move, it was the opposite. She failed to assess where the public is now after these radical changes. I personally believe she will do so again and again, I believe it is her nature.
    Even if she did a “good job” (which I have no knowledge of) as Madison Executive, that does not automatically translate into her also being a strong Gubernatorial candidate that will appeal to the entire state.
    In these turbulent times, Falk does not present as a calming influence. Most likely that is because she IS not one. She is probably good as a middle-manager with a close-knit group of minions who all do it “her Way” There may be tensions and dissent, but things flow along reasonably well from the outsider’s point of view. That would not translate successfully to the Governorship of a state with as many bitterly warring factions as Afghanistan.
    Like it or not (and I’d say they are going with the “not”) the Democrats still need the public at large to win. They cannot rely only on these “lists” and Insider Pre-selection committees to prevail over Walker.
    And like it or not, they need people like me to “like” their candidate. Falk is not qualified for the JOB of Governor.
    And it IS still “Governor of Wisconsin”, the title has not been changed to “Restorer of Union Status”. If it was the latter I would vote for her too.

  2. james booth says:

    @Q: A well thought out, concise, accurate, rational post. Get ready for it to fall on deaf ears, followed by irrational responses.

  3. Mortified West Allis Resident says:

    I don’t believe Kathleen Falk can win state wide. This could be a disaster. I joyfully signed the re-call petition BUT understand that if Governor Walker survives the recall, the result will be near intolerable!

    • james booth says:

      If by “intolerable” you mean spending within our means, then I agree with you.

      • Zuma Bound says:

        Hey big boy, that whole “[i]f by [fill in the blank], you mean” thing has gotten old.

        I mean, it’s all very Junior High-clever and all, but it doesn’t really make your point very well, and it adds absolutely nothing to the discussion.

        If ONLY you’d gone to college, and maybe taken a Rhetoric class or two in which you might have learned what “discourse” actually means, huh?

        Zach is right. You’re nothing more than a collection of rightwing talking points and [juvenile] snark. AND you’re getting your ass kicked elsewhere regarding the burgeoning redistricting scandal. That’s pretty entertaining. (*laughing*)

        Just out of curiosity, how much are they paying you to come around here and post the evidence-free rightwing nonsense that you post?

  4. Dante says:

    The news just keeps getting better and better for the people of Wisconsin, it continues to show that this whole recall was a union ploy to again take taxpayers hostage. The unions have made this process all about them not caring one bit what is the best interest of all.

  5. Anon says:

    Don’t lump all the unions together. It seems there are two unions who aren’t listening and will probably ruin it for all of us.

  6. Ricardo X says:

    Who needs college debt? EAT IT big time, prog symps. How many bureaucrats-in-training are there now in American institutions of super-higher learning? Maybe it would have been wise to learn arithmetic. Finally, we are shedding the society of deadbeat sociologists and other such slugs.

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