Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) was recently one of the main speakers at "conservative" bigoted, racist, hatefest also known as CPAC. While he wowed the crowd of angry selfish millionaires, one reporter was actually paying attention.

Charles Pierce from Esquire Magazine gave Paul Ryan one of the most scathing reviews I have ever seen. He cut through the BS that Paul Ryan is known for and brings us who Paul Ryan really is(emphasis mine):

All of that is basically zombie-eyed granny-starving boilerplate, but there was one passage in the speech that was such an amazing outburst of incoherence that the only explanation for it is that it was badly translated from the original Klingon. Ryan got started on rights, and on the current ginned-up controversy about Catholic institutions and birth control. Pretty soon, the English language had him in a hammerlock and he needed very badly to tap out:

For an example of what this means in practice, look no further than the recent conflict between the President’s health care law and our religious freedom. This, as the President likes to say, is a “teachable moment.” This is what we get when the President applies his progressive philosophy that views “rights,” not as inalienable gifts from our creator, but more like revocable privileges from our government. In this view, rights are not universal or timeless – they must change and evolve in the name of progress. And who defines “progress”? Well, whoever happens to be in power at the time. That’s how we get to where we are today – a situation where the government can supposedly invent a new “right” that trumps our constitutional right to observe our faith in freedom. You see, if the government is no longer the protector of your natural rights, but the creator of new rights, then government wins and freedom loses whenever the two collide.

Would somebody care to explain to me what this stunning burst of bafflegab actually means, and what in the name of god is has to do with birth control? The Affordable Care Act bestows no “new rights” on anyone. (Ryan may have gotten his gay-marriage talking points mixed in with his contraception talking points here.) Can Ryan cite a single right that was universal at the time of the founding of the country? Is he seriously arguing that our rights should not “change and evolve?” (He should take that up with John Lewis the next time they cross paths in the House.) Can he cite the president saying anything as nonsensical as the words Ryan puts in his mouth? Can he please explain how asking the Church to obey the law and cover birth control for a Presbyterian cleaning lady in one of its hospitals is in any way the establishment of a “new right,” or how it in any way trumps his constitutional right to observe his faith in freedom? The Presbyterian chairwoman swallows the Pill and Paul Ryan is in chains. I’m sorry but this is just bananas.

Then Pierce takes one last dig to end his column, which would be funny if it was not so sad:

If this guy(paul ryan) is a public intellectual, I fear greatly for the public’s intellect.

As the song goes, you just cant hide paul ryan’s lies….

By the way, Rob Zerban is running against pink slip Paulie.

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  1. Join NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood, NOW, and other groups supporting contraceptive access for a media/visibility event outside of Paul Ryan’s Janesville office this Friday at noon!
    More info –!/events/335504436488410/

    Hope to see you on Friday!

  2. Q says:

    petaQ! you honorless targ!
    You Hit like a Ferengi’s Grandmother.

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