Republican Rep. John Fleming cites The Onion as factual news

Apparently Republican Rep. John Fleming does’t understand that stories found in The Onion aren’t actually true…

9 thoughts on “Republican Rep. John Fleming cites The Onion as factual news

  1. Steve Hoffmann

    In order to be a Republican, you have to believe so much made-up crap that this can hardly come as a surprise. The only difference between the Onion and Fox News is that the Onion is funny AND more subtle.


  2. Mike

    If you save your screenshots as a png and not a jpg you’ll avoid all that nasty dithering around the letters.


  3. Justin

    FYI, when I enlarge the photo to actually read it, your ad-banner stays on top of it, preventing me from seeing some of the text. You should fix your design.


  4. Justin

    I hate to be picky but also, the default body text font for your site is hard to read…it looks really ugly.


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