Yes, Republicans, led by Dan Burton of Indiana, are willing to pay for contraception for horses, but are unwilling to even let a woman testify in a hearing about contraception for women.  That is the state of the Republican Party today, that they respect horses more than they do women. 

Here in Wisconsin we are used to Republican outrages perpetrated by Scott Walker, but this is insane.  Which begs the question of whether “Republican” = “insane.”

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15 Responses to Republicans Offer Contraceptive Care to Horses. Human Women? Not so Much

  1. kim says:

    Steve = horse’s ass

    • Zach W says:

      Thanks for adding so much to the conversation kim. Any other insults you’d like to hurl?

    • Steven Reynolds says:

      Bad news, kim. The Walker administration has cut the budget that used to deal with cognitive therapies for those such as you. As I tell my son when he poops in his underwear. . . “tough luck!”

    • kim says:

      Sorry, everytime I have expressed a point of view in the past Steve Reynolds always replies with namecalling, in fact in the recent past he has called me hairlip, douchebag and idiot. I am simply trying to communicate in language he understands. I apolagize to all of the horse’s I have offended.

      • Anon says:

        Steve…did you call kim a “hair lip”…something or another? If so, you do realize “hair lips” are a birth defect, right?

      • Zuma Bound says:

        @ Kim

        Why not be the better person, and just respond to the post. That you stooped to the level to which you claim Steven has previously stooped is not only hypocritical, it suggests that you have nothing of value to contribute to the discussion. It that really the way you want to go?

        • kim says:

          Zuma, point taken, as for the posting, the only link between the contraception funding issue and the horse issue are that the Republicans are looking for ways to reduce spending. And, obviously they are both about reproduction, regarding this I would hope women have more personal control of their actions than horses lessening their need for government intervention into their birth control needs.

  2. Graeme Zielinski says:

    What about gay horses?

  3. Graeme Zielinski says:

    Also, Kim, you might want to apply for Cullen Werwie’s job, since he’ll be gone soon. You have the rapier wit and wordsmith’s eye that is called for in this administration.

  4. Anon says:

    First, the comparison of the two (horse BC and women BC) is bad. Didn’t work for me at all.

    Second, what was the point of this hearing? Did anything come of it or was it just another waste of time and money? If nothing came of it…why do we care?

  5. Anon says:

    Can I please ask what is the problem? I don’t see a problem. Religious organizations don’t want to pay for BC so why do they have to?

  6. Anon says:

    Also…why is BC and abortion always such an issue during elections. Abortions are legal and will always be…and sometimes I think all this drama about BC and abortions is made up for political reasons.

    • forgotmyscreenname says:

      No Anon, the “drama” about abortions is that some of us choose to face the facts in that it is the taking of innocent human life and completely reprehensible that it’s permitted. What if I said the “drama” about racism was made up for political reasons? Seriously?

      Also, it’s no so much contraception as it is the government (Obama) stepping in and violating personal and religious freedom, saying that they MUST provide a product for free.

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