A little hyperbolic, but not an unreasonable comparison.

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2 Responses to Walkergate

  1. tag says:

    The John Doe may or may not bring Walker down. Reagan never had to face any punishment for his involvement in Iran/Contra, and what he did was worse than what Nixon did. What puzzles me is that people just accept it when Walker says his changes are “working” for Wisconsin. Walker’s idea of “working” is six straight months of job losses with more on the horizon? Taking money from teachers who live here to pay businesses with no sense of loyalty to bring their workers here until they can find a better deal from another state? Clamping down on small businesses like micro-brewers? Selling out our natural resources? Does everyone in Wisconsin watch Fox?

  2. Madcityman says:

    Tricky Scott vs. Tricky Dick… hmmm they both have that shifty eyed look.

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