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“Drill Baby Drill” is “Dumb Baby Dumb”

Well, it is a Republican idea so is anyone really surprised that “Drill Baby Drill” is “Dumb Baby Dumb?” I know I’m not.

On the campaign trail, Newt Gingrich keeps insisting that if America drilled for more oil, we could return to the days of $2.50-per-gallon gasoline. Michael Conathan says this is dubious, noting that […]

Andrew Breitbart Is Dead

A Musical Tribute… Sort of…

Planning for the imminent Apocalypse

We keep hearing that we’re headed for our doom. The debt and deficit will turn us into the Weimar Republic any day now! The zombies are coming! We’re all gonna die!!!!

Only gold can save us. Well gold and apparently Costco…


Tort Reform

One of Scott Walker's early "victories" was “tort reform”.

“This is a balance we are trying to create, to make sure certainly those who do damage and do harm are rightfully going to be penalized, even when this act becomes law,” Scott Walker said. “But for those who have been . . . […]

Lee Camp talks God in presidential races and religion in politics

Comedian (and good friend of this blog) Lee Camp made an appearance recently on “Countdown With Keith Olbermann,” where he discussed the prevalence of God in presidential elections.

Here’s the video:

Lee also has a new Moment of Clarity out in which he asks the question, “Why is there so much religion in our […]