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Promises Kept or Lost? Fact or Fiction? Truth or Deception?

Scott Walker tries to pull another one over on us with his ad – Promises Kept […]

So about that mine up in the northwoods…

Here’s an interesting tidbit from an article by Frik Els at Mining.com: BHP, Vale and Rio Tinto control nearly 70% of the 1 billion tonne annual iron ore seaborne trade and thanks to their economies of scale have been flooding the market by concentrating on building market share rather than maximizing prices. This way the […]

A list of all the advertisers still sticking behind sexist Rush Limbaugh

In the aftermath of conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh’s description of a woman who testified to Congress in support of birth control funding for women as a “slut” and a “prostitute,” a number of advertisers have pulled their ads from Limbaugh’s show.

However, there are still some advertisers who are standing behind Limbaugh’s comments […]

Which Republican Governor Will Cause the Next Kent State?

I know Zach asks us to try to keep our embedded videos short and to the point…and this one runs 12 minutes. But I think it’s worth viewing…at least pay attention to the last few minutes of it.

Here we have a protest at the Capitol in Virginia over their ‘pro-life bill’…the next shot […]

BREAKING: Democratic State Sen. Tim Carpenter to vote for Republican mining legislation??? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: According to Demcratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate, he’s been assured all good Democrats are on board and are opposed to the Republican mining legislation.

I’m hearing from reliable sources that Democratic State Sen. Tim Carpenter will break from the Democratic State Senate caucus and vote IN FAVOR of the mining legislation that’s […]

Republican Train Wreck

Rhode Island Republican candidate Barry Hinckley has had some traction lately by having his 5 year old son as the major part of his ad campaign “"Economics for Five Year Olds". This of course appeals greatly to the “tea party” base and having his kid be part of the campaign appealed to Fox News.


American Psycho: The Wall Street Pirate Edition

This will unlikely come as a surprise to anyone, but the Masters of the Universe are 10x more likely to be clinical psychopaths than the general population. I know, I know… shocking…


Chopstick Capitalism

Why is Communist China better at capitalism than we are?


Wisconsin Uprising – The (previously censored)Art Show!

Recently, Steve Nass and his spokesman got wind that the UW School for workers was putting on an art show. They then went into their extreme partisan frenzy and went there, and after some threats of pulling funding, made them cancel the show.

The University of Wisconsin’s School for Workers was planning on hosting […]

Flammable Markets

Or perhaps inflammable markets… I can never remember. But I have a question:

Why do Americans think they have a Constitutional Right to cheap gasoline?