Promises Kept or Lost? Fact or Fiction? Truth or Deception?

Scott Walker tries to pull another one over on us with his ad – Promises Kept

Meanwhile the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shares the reality in this article “Wisconsin Missing out on US Job Gains“:

“Alone among the 50 states, it has lost private-sector jobs for six straight months.”

“The rest of the nation is moving upwards. We’re one of the few states moving downward. There’s something wrong,” said economist Steven Deller of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

So about that mine up in the northwoods…

Here’s an interesting tidbit from an article by Frik Els at

BHP, Vale and Rio Tinto control nearly 70% of the 1 billion tonne annual iron ore seaborne trade and thanks to their economies of scale have been flooding the market by concentrating on building market share rather than maximizing prices. This way the giants drive high-cost producers out of the business and crowd out any new players who want to enter the space.

And their dominance is only set to increase. BHP and Rio’s production plans for the Pilbara region of Australia alone is a staggering 750 million Mtpa while current number one Vale is planning to start work on its biggest project to date next year – the Serra Sul iron ore mine alone will add 90 million Mtpa to the Brazilian company’s current 310 million tonnes capacity.

What that seems to mean for the proposed Gogebic Taconite mine in northern Wisconsin is that there may not be much profit to be found in the mine.

Last year mining giant BHP Billiton unveiled plans to increase its iron ore production in the Pilbara region of Australia to 450 million tons per year, which would triple BHP Billiton’s iron ore production in that region.

BHP Billiton is one of the three largest mining companies in the world, all of which operate on economies of scale and all of which are drastically increasing their production over the next year. As production (and supply) increases, there certainly won’t be much room for the “little guys” like Gogebic Taconite to turn much of a profit.

A list of all the advertisers still sticking behind sexist Rush Limbaugh

In the aftermath of conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh’s description of a woman who testified to Congress in support of birth control funding for women as a “slut” and a “prostitute,” a number of advertisers have pulled their ads from Limbaugh’s show.

However, there are still some advertisers who are standing behind Limbaugh’s comments through their continued advertising on his show, and you can read the full list here.

Which Republican Governor Will Cause the Next Kent State?

I know Zach asks us to try to keep our embedded videos short and to the point…and this one runs 12 minutes. But I think it’s worth viewing…at least pay attention to the last few minutes of it.

Here we have a protest at the Capitol in Virginia over their ‘pro-life bill’…the next shot in the Republican War on Women. The original bill with the inter-vaginal wand was reworked with some of the most offensive items removed. Not enough to make real sense. But that is only half the issue here.

A year ago in Madison we had protests in and around the Capitol that drew tens of thousands and on one day reportedly one hundred thousand people. For the most part the protests were peaceful and law enforcement was there but confrontations were virtually non-existent.

Then look at the protest on the video…from various reports the number of protestors were several hundred up to a thousand. The small numbers are in stark contrast to what we experienced in Madison…and like Madison the crowd is peaceful yet resilient. At one point three officers block the march and the protestors are torn between obeying the instructions from the police and their desire to continue their protest on the Capitol steps…and peacefully they simply walk around the police and continue their approach to the Capitol.

At this point the police overreact and bring on a show of force entirely out of proportion to the size and tenor of the protest. Dozens of police in full out riot gear, SWAT teams and officers armed with fully automatic weapons usually only seen in newsreel film from Iraq or Afghanistan quickly assemble at the scene.

We can certainly thank President George W Bush and his Homeland Security funds for providing local law enforcement with military grade weaponry. And we can certainly blame Governor Bob McConnell for deciding to call out his own little pentagon against a thousand of his fellow citizens and constituents.

But as the weather gets warmer, as more protests appear on the front steps across the nation, as Republican governors and state houses continue to overreach, and as tempers begin to flare…which Republican governor will end up being the one to call out his troops who create our next ‘Kent State’?


BREAKING: Democratic State Sen. Tim Carpenter to vote for Republican mining legislation??? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: According to Demcratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate, he’s been assured all good Democrats are on board and are opposed to the Republican mining legislation.

I’m hearing from reliable sources that Democratic State Sen. Tim Carpenter will break from the Democratic State Senate caucus and vote IN FAVOR of the mining legislation that’s being pushed heavily by Gov. Scott Walker and his rubber-stamp Republican allies in the legislature. That legislation has been essentially dead in the State Senate thanks to Republican State Sen. Dale Schultz, who has been steadfast in his opposition to the legislation as it is currently written.

If this is true, Sen. Carpenter’s defection would be a huge victory for Gov. Walker and Republicans in the legislature, and from what I’ve heard Sen. Carpenter’s decision is based solely on some calculation on his part that breaking from his fellow Democrats in the State Senate will help his chances in the Milwaukee City Treasurer election, where he’s running against fellow Democratic State Sen. Spencer Coggs.

If you’d like to contact Sen. Carpenter to share your opinion on the Republican mining legislation, here’s his contact information:

(608) 266-8535
(800) 249-8173
(414) 383-7223


Republican Train Wreck

Rhode Island Republican candidate Barry Hinckley has had some traction lately by having his 5 year old son as the major part of his ad campaign “"Economics for Five Year Olds". This of course appeals greatly to the “tea party” base and having his kid be part of the campaign appealed to Fox News.

Neil Cavuto and Fox news saw a chance to promote one of their own and had the father/son on his show. What transpired was a five minute train wreck, the likes of which have not been seen since Arizona Governor Jan Brewer attempted to debate.

Hilariously, things momentarily go off script when Cavuto inquires somewhat skeptically, “Hudson, are you worried about our debt?” Hudson pauses long enough for his Dad to interject, asking, “Are you worried about paying back the money?” Finally, Hudson answers, “Um, no.”

Barry Hinckley appears a little irritated and Cavuto jokes, “You’re not worried about it at all. So, the whole ad was a lie!”

And they think they can win back the Senate with amateurs like this?

Wisconsin Uprising – The (previously censored)Art Show!

Recently, Steve Nass and his spokesman got wind that the UW School for workers was putting on an art show. They then went into their extreme partisan frenzy and went there, and after some threats of pulling funding, made them cancel the show.

The University of Wisconsin’s School for Workers was planning on hosting an “Art in Protest” festival on campus next month.

Now it’s been canceled.

One Republican lawmaker in Wisconsin, Representative Steve Nass, who has been a longtime thorn in the university’s side, was unhappy about the exhibit, and his chief of staff, Mike Mikalsen, gave an earful to the director of the School for Workers last week, suggesting that the exhibit could imperil the school’s funding.

So lets look at this a little more closely. <a href='

regime.html’>NO, not this(although someone should), but the realities of this art festival.

“There are people from both sides of the issue who are paying taxes, and the question was whether this was an appropriate activity for the university,” Mikalsen tells The Progressive

Yes there are and we can not spend money here we need the money to pay for the republican lawyers and their redistricting fiasco.

Mikalsen says he also told Olson that some of the protests against Gov. Walker and the Republicans had gotten out of hand, and if something like that happened at the exhibit, “the consequences of that kind of activity would fall on the extension. They would have to own it.”

Does anyone see the irony of Mikalsen trying to stir up emotions and anger against the people who oppose Scott Walker while playing innocent bystander? I know that, he knows that, republican thugs have been causing a majority of the violence. Also, when is the last time a republican lawmaker “owned” anything?

I followed up with Labor Cartoonist and UW School for Workers Adjunct professor Mike Konopacki today and found out some more information.

First off, the publicity that they far right extremist team Nass heaped upon this art show is priceless. Not only do they have a new venue(Goodman Community Center) and a new date (March 9-10).

Michael Duffy, a local graphic artist who was involved with putting together the original event, said plans were finalized Monday afternoon to hold the “Censored Art Show” March 9-10 at the Goodman Community Center, 149 Waubesa St. Space at the center is being rented out by artists who are determined to keep the festival alive.

“It’s just going to be a grassroots, down-and-dirty exhibit at the Goodman Center,” says Duffy. “We’ve invited people to show up Friday morning (March 9) and then we’ll just figure out how to display it on the fly.”

A poster for the arts event asks people to bring their “signs, songs, music, personal expression and outrage!”

So the show must go on, and thanks to the partisan witch hunt, ridiculous threats and hatred of the arts, this event is now more popular then ever. The sunlight shown on this event by the Nassties has only shown us now that people are aware of this event they are interested in it. Thanks to them for this but there are still some loose ends to tie up.

It’s an arts festival designed to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Wisconsin uprising,” Nass spokesman Mike Mikalsen said last week of “Art in Protest.”

“Well, maybe here in Madison that’s a great thing,” he said. “But there are lots of Republicans and conservatives around the state who are still very angry about that whole thing. We just suggested that now, with all the tensions that still exist, this may not be the appropriate time for this arts festival” to be put on by a publicly funded arm of the UW System.

When Mikalsen, watchdog for the taxpayer, stopped this event, how much “tapayer” money are we talking here? “UW School for Workers gave us seed money of $2000” says Konopacki, “but we were charging a registration fee and raising money with donations to cover that cost, so in the end it might not have cost the School anything”. With Wisconsin facing a $2 billion plus deficit and the illegal redistricting costing taxpayers $1.3 million and counting, it is nice to know that Mike Mikalsen and Steve Nass are working hard to save us a couple hundred dollars.

Finally Mike Konopacki wanted to make one more point. “The threat of violence could be the most laughable of the whole thing. When was the last time you have ever heard of an art riot?”

Well Mr. Konopcki, I have a feeling that there will be one on March 9-10 at the Goodman Community Center showing support.

PS: join their facebook page here.

PSS: Let’s help these watchdogs out! Please email Rep. Steve Nass or Mike Mikalsen anytime you see a liberal doing anything in the public domain. They will immediately dispatched to stop that.

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