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Everything is ___________ in Texas!

The word we are looking for here is more racist! H/T Buzzfeed!

This tweet from the president of the University of Texas College Republicans:

and this from her predecessor:

Keep it K-lassy Texas! If this keeps up, next thing you know you will be electing a racist Governor.


What Would Scott Jensen Do?

The wisconsin assembly republican recently passed Assembly Bill 110, which is just another in a long line of attacks on public education. While it is billed as a bill which would permit families of special needs students to send their students to private schools with tax dollars. As is true with everything the republicans have […]

Out of state investment banker Eric Hovde to announce U.S. Senate run tomorrow

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, out of state investment banker Eric Hovde is set to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate on Thursday.

While born in Wisconsin, Hovde has spent the past 24 years living and working in Washington, D.C., where he currently serves as the chief executive officer of […]

Report: Sen. Tim Carpenter was going to vote with Republicans on mining bill..as of Monday night

From News Radio 620: So the training initiative was inserted into the bill. And sources say that in exchange for the initiative, Carpenter committed to voting for the bill. The unions are happy, Republicans are relieved, and fellow Democratic Senators don’t yet know anything about his decision, as of Monday night.

Speaking of Monday night, […]

I have to admit….Peyton Manning is a class act

Professional sports could use more sportsmen like Peyton Manning…

Time Goes By

I was at the library today doing some work on my laptop and downloading a new version of Norton. The download was taking some time, so I looked over to the shelf to my left and saw the book Nixon, by Stephen Ambrose. I had scanned through this book several years ago, so my interest […]

Maybe we weren’t crying wolf after all on Gogebic

Report: Senator Carpenter flipped position on mining bill; caused bill to fail

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald joined Charlie Sykes on Wednesday to talk about his disappointment surrounding the bill’s failure. “There was some real indications that one of these Democrats was going to vote with us and move this bill forward.”

On Monday […]

I keep telling you guys that Google is big brother!

Judge responsible for Voter ID injunction was a Tommy Thompson (R) appointee

Just sayin’.

The Incompetence of Incompetence

New research confirms earlier findings that people who are incompetent don’t really know that they’re incompetent. It’s known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect and is one of my favorite cognitive biases.

The results are uniform across all the knowledge domains: People who actually did well on the test tend to feel more confident about their performance […]