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The Reclaim Wisconsin rally: The epitome of Solidarity

One year ago I didn’t know any of the people I was warmly embracing and high-fiving as I walked around the Capitol Square today. In the course of just one short year, strangers have become almost like family members. Whereas a year ago a dude carrying a plastic inflatable palm tree around would have been […]

It’s the clarity of their message!

Just Sayin’!

Gas prices are high exactly why?

There have been all kinds of explanations about why our gas prices continue to rise. A number of bloggers here have reminded us that oil is a world commodity and the world market sets the prices…often times unfairly and at the whim of speculators. And of course the Keystone XL pipeline would solve all of […]

Yes and No

John Torinus has a fairly good take on the legislative collapse of the ferrous mining bill, rightly pointing out that Gogebic Taconite President Bill Williams and the GOP legislature’s ramrod approach was responsible for the failure of the bill. Most appreciated is Torinus’ closing quip ” President Williams gets paid to mine not whine” which […]

Obama Campaign Advertorial – The Road We’ve Traveled Trailer

Obama 2012 Advertorial – The Road we’ve traveled trailer […]


After Zach’s posting about the comments on the site and how well that coincided with my own feelings about the decay of the comments and of political discourse in general, I’ve decided to hang up my keyboard (for now) and let the world pass me by.


I Remember One Year Ago Today:

One year ago today, my 8 year old son and I went to the Capitol where we experienced one of the most inspirational events of my lifetime. 150,000+ Wisconsinites descended upon the capitol to say “Thank You” to a group of 14 elected officials in a rally that made President Obama jealous. Wisconsinites who were […]