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State Rep. Pocan releases “Fitzwalkerstan” website for anniversary of Act 10

On Friday, Democratic State Rep. Mark Pocan, a candidate for Congress in the second Congressional district, released the Fitzwalkerstan website in an effort to raise awareness of the negative effects of Gov. Walker’s assault on collective bargaining to the economy and the working families of Wisconsin. “As we approach the one year anniversary of Governor […]

Eric Hovde: Wisconsin’s Mitt Romney?

When Tammy Baldwin criss-crosses the state of Wisconsin for campaign stops, she travels by, you know, car. Here’s how Eric Hovde (R) gets around:

Oh, the flossy flossy! (Picture- DPW)

I’m not so sure that a multimillionaire hedge fund manager who travels via private jet could truly understand the needs of an average Wisconsin […]

Wacko for the 53rd Assembly District?

Check out this cryptic and wildly paranoid tweet from, apparently, Kurt Schuller, current state treasurer and candidate for the 53rd district Assembly seat.

we are quickly approaching a planned switch where the have nots will have the ability to dictate to the haves. B Franklin warned us

Yikes! This guy is our state […]

Quote of the day

Quote of the day (from Facebook):

“I was going to start my legal defense fund today, but I realized that non criminals don’t need one.”