State Rep. Pocan releases “Fitzwalkerstan” website for anniversary of Act 10

On Friday, Democratic State Rep. Mark Pocan, a candidate for Congress in the second Congressional district, released the Fitzwalkerstan website in an effort to raise awareness of the negative effects of Gov. Walker’s assault on collective bargaining to the economy and the working families of Wisconsin.

“As we approach the one year anniversary of Governor Walker’s assault on collective bargaining it’s particularly important that we bring the effects of this policy to light.” Pocan said. “This year’s legislative session is coming to an end and the Republican leadership won’t give my bill to restore those basic rights a hearing. But it’s not going to be that easy to ignore working people. We started this website to give them a chance to talk about what this Administration’s policies have cost them. People are welcome to go to and submit their story”

Wacko for the 53rd Assembly District?

Check out this cryptic and wildly paranoid tweet from, apparently, Kurt Schuller, current state treasurer and candidate for the 53rd district Assembly seat.

we are quickly approaching a planned switch where the have nots will have the ability to dictate to the haves. B Franklin warned us

Yikes! This guy is our state treasurer? And he’s running for an assembly seat?

What does he think is going on? An orchestrated Bolshevik revolution bubbling just under the surface? Maybe Barack Obama will appear on your TV screen and shout, NOW!

Or maybe Mr. Schuller is suffering from a paranoid delusion and deserves our sympathy? Maybe B Franklin didn’t warn ” us”, maybe he only warned, (you know), Mr. Schuller?

I think the Wisconsin press corps should get on this story immediately. Mr Schuller tweets as though he’s got some sort of inside info about a ” planned switch ” that is quickly approaching. Or maybe he’s just a wacko?

Great story, either way.

Quote of the day

Quote of the day (from Facebook):

“I was going to start my legal defense fund today, but I realized that non criminals don’t need one.”