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Unions as a Civil Right

In a recent Op-Ed by written by Richard D. Kahlenberg and Moshe Z. Marvit, who advocate for adding the right to organize a labor union, without employer discrimination, to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Here is an excerpt, I recommend the whole read:

Other skeptics suggest that because laws now exist providing […]

Tracey Corder to hold fundraiser on March 15

From my email inbox… Friends: We made it past the Primary and now it’s on to the April 3rd General Election! In just a few days we will have our final fundraiser of the campaign, hosted by State Senator Lena Taylor. Thursday March 15, 2012 5:30-7pm MJ Café 6901 West Brown Deer Road Host: $522 […]

Verify the Recall – Still Working

We have been chronicling "verify the recall"'s results. We have pointed out that their endgame was never ever “integrity of elections” but intimidation of Wisconsin Citizens who signed the recall petitions.

Here is another "success" story that Verify the Recall can hang their hats on:

The University of Wisconsin System’s chief spokesman […]

Republican State Sen. Mary Lazich to have a Democratic challenger

From my email inbox comes this interesting tidbit: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Target of Senate Recall to Face Challenger

Greendale, WI – March 12, 2012 – Resident Jim Ward announced today that he is running to represent the people of the 28th State Senate district. He will run as a Democrat against State Senator Mary Lazich […]

DNC Swings at Romney about Medicare in new Ad

New DNC Ad attacking Mitt Romney for not enrolling in Medicare as part of his wealth management strategy… […]

Co-Founder of Congressional Progressive Caucus endorses Mark Pocan

Citing Mark Pocan’s “record of accomplishments on behalf of working people,” Democratic Rep. George Miller of California’s 7th Congressional district announced his endorsement of Pocan in the race to succeed Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional district. “We all know the challenges we have in Washington. We’re up against people who want to tear apart […]

Ben Juarez files election complaints against Bob Donovan

You heard it here first… Benjamin Juarez, who is challenging Ald. Bob Donovan for the Common Council seat from District 8, filed a complaint with the Milwaukee Election Commission on Monday, alleging irregularities in Donovan’s campaign finance reports.

He said complaints are also going to be filed with the Government Accountability Board in Madison and […]


Judge Richard Niess permanently enjoined the state's new voter ID law!!

Friday’s ruling by Dane County Judge Richard Niess goes further than the one issued by another judge last week because it permanently halts the law. Tuesday’s order by Dane County Judge David Flanagan blocked the law for the April 3 presidential primary and […]

Kurt Schuller tweet update.

I was so intrigued by Kurt Schuller’s Sunday tweet regarding the ” planned switch ” where-in the have nots will have the ability to dictate to the haves, that I decided to give him a call and see if I could figure out what in the hell he was tweeting about. Here’s a one sentence […]

Verify The Recall: It’s Working – Charlie Sykes Style

I recently wrote about how "verify the recall" failed miserably when it came to actually finding fraud within the recall petitions. I also pointed out that, since everyone knew we had way more than enough signatures to recall the four senators and the Walker/Kleefisch ticket, VTR was not about ‘free and fair elections’ whatsoever. “Verify […]