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Did Alderman Tony Zielinski sign a petition to recall Gov. Walker?

I’ll admit that I’ve surfed over to the iVerifyTheRecall website to check to see if my signature was there (it was), and while I was there I figured I’d check to see which local elected officials have signed the petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

As I checked through a few names, I was surprised […]

Nick Milroy: “There’s a very strange bedfellow in our state who has a real sick personality”

Democratic State Rep. Nick Milroy is right….politics do make for strange bedfellows!

I’ve long believed you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep, and in Gov. Scott Walker’s case, the company he has kept includes alleged pedophiles, thieves, and criminals.

Eric Hovde is no Hillary Clinton – and he’s still a carpetbagger

Shorter Eric Hovde: “No seriously, I’m just like Hillary Clinton!” “I spent most, or significant number of holidays [there]. I’m back and forth between Wisconsin and D.C. nonstop. I’m a 20-year Badger season ticket holder. I go to every major Packer game,” he continued.

Got that Wisconsinites? Eric Hovde spends holidays, Badger games, and Packer […]

Another R Money Pop Culture (NCAA Tourney) FAIL

Mitt admits that he’s just not plugged in. Hey, everyone knows you have to plug in your robot once in a while. But Mitt is not plugged in on this one. From the New York Daily News:

President Obama is notoriously mad about March, obsessively filling out his NCAA tournament bracket every year. Mitt Romney? […]

Thursday Music: John Prine ‘Paradise’

I should have posted this during the peak of the mining discussions…but it’s still relevant as the mining bill went back to committee and will eventually make another appearance.

Transparency? Not in the Republican version of Wisconsin!

Here are the doors to the Wisconsin State Assembly gallery, blacked out on March 13, 2012 to prevent the citizenry from observing/filming/photographing the police arresting other citizens.

Photo courtesy Leslie Amsterdam

Not surprisingly, Wisconsin’s spending transparency earned a D-minus Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group, which found that the state’s online checkbook is difficult to […]