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Debates: Zielinksi and Pierce, Dimitrijevic and an empty chair?

I’ve been waiting for this announcement and found it on Supervisor Dimitrijevic’s FB page this afternoon.

The League of Women Voters and the Bay View Compass have announced details for the next Bay View Candidate Forum.

Date: Wednesday, March 28 Time: Doors open at 6:30; event begins at 7pm. Venue: Bay View United Methodist Church […]

How serious were Republicans on finding compromise on mining legislation? [UPDATE]

Democratic State Sen. Chris Larson asks the question: How serious were Republicans about working across the aisle on mining? Well, they cancelled the mining meeting on Monday just after the senate split and there would have been a 50/50 voice on how to move forward. This, after they put all 3 bills on the agenda […]

Mine Supporters Fling Feces

Wisconsin’s Monkey Lobby weighed in on the Penokee Hills iron mine project today by sending State Senator Lena Taylor an envelope stuffed with human excrement.

Here’s a video clip of their official press conference.

Moveon.org attacks the GOP on Women’s Issues

Moveon.org video attacking GOP on women’s issues. […]

Galloway quits!


Madison – State Sen. Pam Galloway, who faces a recall election this summer, plans to resign from the Senate shortly, leaving an even split between Republicans and Democrats.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) confirmed her plans Friday and said he believed Galloway would make an announcement later in the day.

Fitzgerald said Galloway […]

Fitz and the Tantrums!

What a great name for a band:

I wonder if they were inspired by this:

The Wisconsin Movement – a political cooperative governed by its members

Now here’s something new and interesting….an organization that wants to be truly grassroots by keeping control and direction of the organization in the hands of the people responsible the successes we’ve had with the recall efforts, instead of ceding control to political insiders.

Here’s a message from the Wisconsin Movement website: Welcome to the Wisconsin […]

Reps. Roys, Pocan issue statements on GOP war on women in Wisconsin

Last night Republicans in the State Assembly waged all-out war on the rights of women here in Wisconsin, and not surprisingly there’s a lot of outrage about what Republicans have done. Democratic State Rep. Kelda Roys is just one of many Democratic elected officials who issued statements critical of Republicans who’ve declared war on women […]

Callie Otto: A letter to the editor – and to Sen. Ron Johnson

Over the last few weeks birth control access across the country has been hotly debated- sadly mostly inaccurately. Just last week Rush Limbaugh implied that women need access to more birth control because they are having more sex. Clearly, Rush missed high school health class because women take birth control every day regardless of how […]

From The Desk of Stephan nASS (part 3)

I have spent the last couple days chronicling Steve "Joe McCarthy" nASS attempts to jail a cartoonist for daring to make fun of him. I wanted one more post on this and hopefully the next time we hear about this will be in Steve nASS’s concession speech on election night where he apologizes to Mr. […]