The Republicans are the Joke

Senator Scott Brown recently gave a speech and drew some laughs…

See the republican presidential field was not being laughed with, they were being laughed at. Even their own party knows that how crazy these four stooges are. So that being said, if you want a day filled with comedy, your in luck!

The Defunding the American Dream Tour is coming to Milwaukee. Where Rick Santorum will be the main event! So if you have an extra $50 laying around, give it over to the multi billionaire Koch Brothers, instead of say, donating it to your school or the less fortunate. Then you can hear a full day of flat out comedy, and if you pay enough money You might get to actually have the mighty Paul Ryan(R-Wall St.) acknowledge you!

Look on the bright side! Enough time with Santorum, Pink Slip Paulie, RoJo, michelle malkin, et. al… Even this guy looks good:

More on Americans for Prosperity HERE and HERE!

Drinking Liberally – Tomorrow night! With Sen. Kathleen Vinehout!

Here’s the details of tomorrow night’s meeting:

Greetings all!

Though we’re still three weeks away from our next meeting, I wanted to take a minute to let you all know that we will have a very special guest at our March meeting of Drinking Liberally.

We’ll be joined by Democratic State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, one of the brave “Wisconsin 14” who left Wisconsin to fight Gov. Scott Walker’s attack on collective bargaining rights for public employees last year. As you may know, Sen. Vinehout has declared herself as a candidate in the Democratic primary election, with the winner of that primary facing Gov. Walker in his recall election.

I’m thrilled to have Sen. Vinehout joining us, and I hope you’ll join us as well. I know Sen. Vinehout looks forward to having the opportunity to meet and talk with us, so I hope you’ll join us.

Here are the details for our March meeting:

Date: Monday, March 19, 2012
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe, 101 W. Mitchell Street in Milwaukee

Blogging Blue’s Twelve in ’12

In 2010 and 2011 Blogging Blue raised money to help elect Democrats (and in the case of 2011, recall Republicans), and this year we want to help Democrats regain the majority in the State Senate, help flip Congress back to Democratic control, and take back the State Assembly.

This year Blogging Blue’s Twelve in ’12 has set a goal of raising $1,500 to help elect great Democratic candidates here in Wisconsin.

Here are our Twelve in ’12, the candidates we’re supporting – and who we hope you’ll support too:

  • Rob Zerban – challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Paul Ryan in the 1st Congressional district
  • Tammy Baldwin – running for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Sen. Herb Kohl’s retirement
  • Lori Compas – running in the recall election against State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald in the 13th Senate district
  • Donna Seidel – running in the recall election against Republican State Sen. Pam Galloway (despite Galloway’s resignation)
  • Pat Kreitlow – challenging incumbent Republican Rep. “Struggling” Sean Duffy in the 7th Congressional district
  • Jamie Wall – challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Reid Ribble in the 8th Congressional district
  • John Lehman – running in the recall election against Republican State Sen. Van Wanggaard
  • Jim Ward – challenging incumbent Republican State Sen. Mary “worst legislator in Wisconsin” Lazich in the 28th Senate district
  • Kristen Dexter – running in the recall election against Republican State Sen. Terry Moulton
  • Marga Krumins – challenging incumbent Republican State Rep. Bill Kramer in the 97th Assembly district
  • Scott Michalak – challenging incumbent Republican State Rep. Joel “the Lt. Governor’s hubby” Kleefisch in the 38th Assembly district
  • Elizabeth Riley – challenging incumbent Republican State Rep. Mary Williams in the 87th Assembly district

Please consider donating to Blogging Blue’s Twelve in ’12 to help Democrats retake Wisconsin!

Kelda Helen Roys was right, Republicans blew it!

During the debates in the state assembly over bill SB306, that will add intrusive barriers for women seeking safe and legal abortions, Rep. Kelda Helen Roys proposed an amendment requiring any man seeking a prescription for Viagra to have a cardiac stress test first. Of course this amendment was voted down…but it is actually sound medical advice. Erectile dysfunction is often an indicator of potential cardiac issues in the future. Blood flow restriction is one part of the anatomy can warn of similar restrictions or clogs in other vital organs or arterial systems. Although she was trying to be sarcastic at the time…the Republicans would have science on their side if they’d accepted the amendment.

BTW: WI Rep. Roys is running for the US Congress in Wisconsin’s second CD against WI Rep. Mark Pocan and Dane Co Treas. Dave Worzala to replace Rep. Tammy Baldwin.