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Shrill Labarre Supports Mimes!

Shrill Labarrel, failed tea party candidate and fringe right winger, today filed papers to recall Senator Bob Jauch. In her filing she let it be known that Senator Jauch was being recalled, because he voted against MIMES!

H/T Politiscoop:

As if the “tea party” hasn’t done enough damage, they now want to flood […]

The Plight of Women in 2012 America

Much has been waged on the war on women recently and I wanted to highlight some more of it and try and bring it full circle. The first story, and as a father of a daughter is the hardest to read, comes from comes from the great NY Time Columnist Nicholas Kristof. Kristof writes of […]

Wisconsin’s Public Integrity Scorecard: C-

Wisconsin's Integrity Scores

Wisconsin, you are not living up to your potential… Your mother and I are very disappointed in these grades. Don't you want to get into a good school?

Wisconsin ranks 22nd out of 50 states in terms of public integrity. If it weren’t for the formation of the GAB, we would have done much […]

Bruce Springsteen is shrill

And so is Tom Morello… But wow… How awesome is this? Woody would be so proud!

Special guests: Arcade Fire (Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, and Will Butler), Joe Ely, Tom Morello, Alejandro Escovedo, The Low Anthem, Eric Burdon of The Animals, and more. Live at The Moody Theater, Austin, TX – SXSW 2012 – […]

With Friends like These…

Israel has never acted in America’s best interests. Ever. Israel acts in Israel’s interest alone. Too bad we can’t learn from them because in the case of an action by Israel against Iran, the consequences could be dire for Americans.

WASHINGTON — A classified war simulation exercise held this month to assess the American military’s […]

The Invisible Housing Crisis

I have to thank / blame Ezra Klein for getting me back on the blogging horse. He posted a chart that really brought home the problems facing our state and our country. Most people who read this blog are, I expect, reasonably well ensconced in the American middle class. Most folks probably own their homes […]

MacIver Awards

The Koch/Bradley funded right wing MacIver "news" service is running a contest for the “end of session” awards. The thing is, they have announced they will delete any responses posted, you have to email them in. That way they are allowed to censor the ones that would paint their party in a less than favorable […]

Pure Republican Hypocrisy

The one thing, and there are many, that really bothers me about the current batch of republicans is just the pure unadulterated hypocrisy they show with absolutely no shame. Here is a glaring example. Lets start out with a story from a few months ago.

A John Muir Elementary School teacher was reprimanded […]

Let’s discuss Bob Donovan’s 1992 citation for disorderly conduct

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To say Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan has made a career out of being “tough on crime” would be an understatement. Ald. Donovan has never shied away from attacking Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, but Ald. Donovan is no stranger to criminal behavior, as this citation from 1992 demonstrates:

Click […]