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A series of FACTS about the MacIver Institute & its employees/associates

Here’s a series of FACTS about the folks working for (or associated with) the John K. MacIver Institute:

FACT #1: Brian Fraley, the Communications Director for the MacIver Institute, is a former national insurance industry lobbyist who was director of the Senate Republican caucus during part of the time of the “Caucus Scandal” in which […]

I think Kevin Binversie aspires to be a Saint!

Not a SAINT but a Saint! The kind that has bounties on the opposition.

Far right republican blogger Kevin Binversie is at it again. This time hoping for the death of Assemblyman Mark Pocan!

Here’s hop­ing he gets hit by a bus on a con­gres­sional fund rais­ing trip in D.C.

In case […]

GOP Bullies

Interesting read at alternet this morning:

Most conservatives now openly reject the very idea of democracy. Whether it’s corporatists seeking to own every branch of government and privatize every public institution, security and intelligence types cracking down on our civil liberties, or Christian nationalists out to turn the country into a theocracy, conservatives are increasingly […]