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A Tragic Learning Experience

I fear that more people are going to die needlessly before good sense reasserts itself in American jurisprudence. Until then, the bodies will pile up, the news media will continue to wring their hands and the perpetrators of violence will escape accountability for their actions.

Brain Melting Economics

Try wrapping your brain around this bit of MMT.

Now this may shock you, because nearly everyone believes a dollar bill is a dollar. But it isn’t. It’s just evidence you own a dollar. A dollar bill is a title to a dollar.

If you own a house, the evidence you own it is a […]

Because It’s All They Know

If we don’t cut corporate taxes immediately, it will be the end of civilization….

…or not.

Beware of the MacIver spin machine

Read the entire opinion column over at Citizen Action Wisconsin’s “No Sacred Cows” blog.

Just Shake It!

The Romney campaign released a new official photo of the candidate:

In fact, if you like, you can go and create a picture of the candidate for yourself, complete with a documented flip-flop!

It’s amazing how much fun you can have when you’ve got a campaign that is so very inept…


Wisconsin Economy Improves Despite Republican Policies

Good news for the state, the two state-level indicies of economic activity in Wisconsin are finally, after a year, pointing in the right direction. While many will attempt to credit Walker for this movement, one should remember that for many months, Wisconsin lagged far behind the rest of the nation in terms of economic recovery. […]

Pro-Walker rally planned for Saturday in Brookfield

Calling all patriots!

From Jim Price, Brookfield Patch:

A Brookfield rally Saturday in support of Gov. Scott Walker, organized by a local grassroots group, has been moved back a bit to coordinate with a larger political event scheduled for the same day.

“Walker Backers At The Square,” an informal gathering at Brookfield Square mall, is […]

Phil’s Music Thursday – Deep Purple

I’ve always had a soft spot in my musical heart for Ritchie Blackmore…

Perhaps it’s because his musical career includes contributions to hard rock, heavy metal, folk rock, blues rock, psychedelic rock, and New Age!


The Affordable Care Act will Stand

I’ve read and heard several analyses of the looming challenge to the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and none of these analysts believe that the challenge represents anything other than a clever rhetorical flourish. The challenge lacks any legal foundation. This article from Linda Greenhouse, legal reporter for the New York Times sums up the […]

Breitbart: The Stupid Rolls On

GOTCHA “journalist”(term used loosely) Jason Mattera is an andrew breitbart protege and Boy is he DUMB!

Recently U2 frontman Bono, warned everyone in America to not let politicians use the poor as a football during the upcoming election season. Standing up for the poor is something that does not sit very well with th […]