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Justice? Not for Trayvon Martin

Will Smith tweet

Ten Little Editors

We have been discussing how Verify the Recall’s only purpose was to have a searchable database of people who signed the recall petition, so they could be harassed and intimidated. The latest version was the story of the Wausau Daily Herald checking VTR, and disciplining the employees they find.

Well it turns out I jumped […]

Humor: Back Room Discussion on War On Women

Thank you Mr. Wiley Miller and Go Comics!

Rebecca Kleefisch swoons over husband’s crow hunting prowess but others are unimpressed

Ten days ago, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch was back in her hometown of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to attend a fundraiser hosted by People for Rebecca, according to Amber Gramza of the Oconomowoc Enterprise. A sommelier who co-hosted the private event at Vino Etcetera! Wine Bar & Store said she supports Kleefisch because “not only is she […]

Container homes?

This is unrelated to politics but still fascinating…

HUMOR: Etch A Sketch Maker Ohio Art Take Over Target of Bain Capital?

After the disclosure by campaign insiders that Mitt Romney is the etch a sketch candidate…just turn him upside down and shake him…and restart his campaign talking points…the moribund stock of the Etch A Sketch manufacturer, Ohio Arts, went through the proverbial roof. Lightly traded as an over the counter stock in the $3 – 4 […]

Recall Walker/Stand with Wisconsin Poetry Reading, 3/27, Milwaukee

If you’re looking for a creative outlet to help manage the frustrations of living in FitzWalkerstan, check out the Recall Walker/Stand with Wisconsin Poetry Reading in Milwaukee this Tuesday, March 27th. Tom Hibbard, a fellow Waukesha liberal, activist, poet and friend has organized an event that will be “just like the good old Vietnam days […]

Did you see the size of that sucker?

Image courtesy Carlsontoons.com

Verify the Recall – Still Working!

I have covered the story of "Verify The Recall" & how it was never used to make sure the process was clean and fair, but to make sure and intimidate those who signed. With the Governor’s recall a sure thing, the VTR is still working. The latest egregious event comes from the Wausau Daily Herald […]

A Real Choice

Here we have a brilliant short piece from the next Senator from Massachusett’s Elizabeth Warren!

“This next election is about the direction our country takes. It’s about whether or not we are going to be a people who say, ‘I got mine; the rest of you are on your own,’ or whether we’re going […]