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What Do Anwar al-Awlaki and Steve nASS Have In Common?

A definite hatred of satirical cartoonists:

Anwar al-Awlaki

A Seattle cartoonist who drew a satirical cartoon suggesting an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” — an idea she later disavowed — reportedly has been placed on a hit list by a terror leader linked to the failed Times Square car bombing.

Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki […]

UPDATED: Politics makes for strange bedfellows: Progressive Democrat Kelda Roys & arch-conservative Republican Joel Kleefisch team up!

UPDATE: Here’s a statement I received from Rep. Roys’ Congressional campaign explaining her vote in favor of SB 440. “SB 440 was a bipartisan bill supported by Senator Fred Risser, Senator Jon Erpenbach, and cosponsored in the Assembly by Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts. A vote for SB 440 was a vote to keep high-tech, high-paying jobs […]

A Wingnut’s Answer to Nearly Everything …

… and it’s not to stay on topic. No, no. That would be too difficult for the trolling wingnut. Instead, they’ve mastered the technique called deflection. Fred Dooley of Real Debate (ask Zach and capper) is especially good at this. Essentially, deflection is an attempt to hijack an argument because the deflector is either losing […]

Janesville Residents Question Paul Ryan’s Commitment… to Janesville


Still, enormous challenges remain as families struggle to climb back into the middle class.

One in 25 school children was homeless at some point last year, and half qualify for free or reduced lunches. Manufacturers are hiring again, but many of the jobs pay $9 per hour, far short of the $20 to $30 […]

Judicial Ethics and the Recall

Marquette University Law Professor Ed Fallone argues that the judges who signed the recall petition are well within their constitutional rights to do so and are under no obligation to recuse themselves based on the current statutes, the judicial code of conduct and controlling case law. The best part? He uses conservative lawyer & blogger […]

Lori Compas to officially open her campaign offices on 3/31 & 4/1!

From the emailbox:


Lori Compas, challenger for the 13th Senate District Seat, plans to launch her campaign into action with headquarters’ open houses the weekend of Saturday and Sunday March 31st and April 1st. Compas will be stopping by each of the offices […]

The Rich are Different [UPDATED]

That’s why they deserve more than you.

In 2010, as the nation continued to recover from the recession, a dizzying 93 percent of the additional income created in the country that year, compared to 2009 — $288 billion — went to the top 1 percent of taxpayers, those with at least $352,000 […]

And now, a word from our sponsor…

100 Years Ago in the Great State of Wisconsin, a battle was engaged between the forces of Progress and the forces of enslavement. Progress won. The words written and spoken then ring clearly through the intervening century and we need to heed their call to arms.

Honest wealth needs no guarantee of security in this […]

Santorum” What I Said, I didn’t say, even though you heard me say it, it’s B*lls**T”

Come on Man: Crazy Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum was asked a question about his speech in WI and Mr. Catholic blew a gasket. It appears as though Rick “do not google me” Santorum is unaware that his speeches are being videotaped.

By the way, Rick Santorum was in Wisconsin hanging out with […]

Pierce campaign files complaint with GAB regarding ballot order switching

Last week Jan Pierce, a candidate for Milwaukee Alderman in District 14, filed a formal complaint with the Wisconsin State Government Accountability Board (GAB). In the complaint, Pierce alleges the City of Milwaukee Election Commission rearranged the names of the candidates on the spring general election ballot in violation of Chapter 5 of the Wisconsin […]