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Mitt Romney LOVES Scott Walker…and he’s completely wrong about the Wisconsin Retirement System

Sez former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt “R-Money” Romney… “Governor Walker is, in my opinion, an excellent governor, and I believe that he is right to stand up for the citizens of Wisconsin, and to insist that those people who are working in the public sector unions have rights to effect their wages, but that these benefits […]

Wisconsin’s GOP extremism is just an illusion

Many people here in Wisconsin have been lamenting the loss of moderate Republican lawmakers. Politicians with radical viewpoints, like Glenn Grothman, appear to be the majority. Some have suggested that we’re just following a national trend, that the GOP as a whole has become more extreme, and that it’s only going to get worse. But […]

Game on!

Walker’s Enemies List

Back in 1971, confronted by mounting domestic opposition, the Nixon White House issued a call for enemies from the staff. Then White House Counsel John Dean (who, in recent years has taken his own party to task in a series of scathing books and articles which lay the decay of American democracy squarely at the […]

VIDEO: President Obama singing “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO

This is clever…

Thursday Music: Keeping with the theme: Doors’ People are Strange

Since I was out of town when I wanted to post the Doors Strange Days, Zach had to pick up the slack…well things have quieted down around here a bit but nothing’s exactly gotten back to normal…so lets continue the strange theme with other round of Doors:


Thursday Music – two from Devo

I may have posted this before, but here’s Devo’s cover of “[I Can’t Get No] Satisfaction”

And here’s something newer….

Have a great Thursday!

Some questions about Sweet Water Organics

Sweet Water Organics – job creators?

In 2011, Sweet Water Organics, an aquaponic fish and vegetable farm located in Bay View, received a $250,000 forgivable loan from the City of Milwaukee. Under the terms of the loan, if Sweet Water Organics (SWO) employs 10 people by 2012, 21 by 2013, 35 by 2014, and 45 […]