Tom Barrett to Run for Governor in the Recall

I am not going to comment at this point (except to say I am surprised he didn’t wait until Tuesday night), just reprint Mayor Barrett’s email in it’s entirety:

Today, the Government Accountability Board certified a recall election against Scott Walker, and I wanted you to be among the first to know that, after serious deliberation and reflection, I will be a candidate for Governor.

This was not a decision I made lightly. I love this state and I care deeply about our future. That’s why I ran for governor in 2010 — even though I knew it was an uphill battle. We ran a strong and energetic campaign fueled by your support and the support of thousands across Wisconsin.

In the end, Russ Feingold and I both fell short in a Tea Party wave. But we can all take pride that we took the fight to Scott Walker, and the past 15 months have shown why that fight is so important.

Scott Walker came into the governor’s office promising to create 250,000 jobs, and to bring us together. Instead, he divided our state like never before and presided over a Wisconsin economy that last year lost more jobs than any state in the country.

He ‘dropped the bomb,’ as he said, and ended 50 years of labor peace and worker protections — something he never said he’d do during the 2010 campaign. I know, because I was there. As governor, I will fight to restore collective bargaining rights, because it’s the right thing to do, and it’s necessary to heal Wisconsin.

And Gov. Walker gutted education, cut women’s health, and diverted millions of dollars intended for Wisconsin victims of Wall Street foreclosure fraud to patch a hole in his budget.

In response to this unanticipated assault on Wisconsin values, the people united and fought back. Hundreds of thousands made their voices heard at the Capitol. The protests turned into a movement last summer, and two GOP state senators who rubberstamped Walker’s agenda were recalled.

And nearly 1 million people from all across Wisconsin signed their name to trigger a recall election of Gov. Walker, hold him accountable, and restore our Wisconsin values.

We need to bring our state back. Wisconsin needs a governor who is focused on jobs, not ideology; a leader committed to bringing our state together and healing political wounds, not pitting people against each other and catering to the special interests.

This is the governor I will be for the people of Wisconsin.

Starting tomorrow, I will crisscross the state, taking our message directly to the people in every corner and working everyday to restore our values and move Wisconsin forward. With you standing with me, I know we will prevail.

Thank you for all of your help and support.

Your Friend,
Tom Barrett

I Observe the Conservative in his Natural Habitat

And I am convinced that they are engaged in an epic battle with a heinous enemy called “The Democrat Party.”  I hear countless references to this evil group from politicians and pundits across the right-wing-o-sphere.  Never mind that this is a wholly fabricated entity constructed from the shit and shine-ola that pours from hate-talk radio and Fox News, they’re convinced that this is an Enemy That Must Be Defeated.

There is no political party in America called “The Democrat Party.”

It’s kind of sad…

Federal judge strikes down parts of Act 10

U.S. District Judge William M. Conley:

“So long as the State of Wisconsin continues to afford ordinary certification and dues deductions to mandatory public safety unions with sweeping bargaining rights, there is no rational basis to deny those rights to voluntary general unions with severely restricted bargaining rights,”

As I understand it, Judge Conley’s decision means the state must re-implement automatic collection of union dues for those bargaining units affected by Act 10. I believe Judge Conley’s decision also means those same bargaining units will be allowed to recertify under the same rules that apply to bargaining units unaffected by Act 10, meaning the unions can recertify if a majority of those who voted vote in favor of recertifying, as opposed to needing a majority of all union members.

You can read Judge Wiliam Conley’s decision in its entirety HERE.

Governor Walker spent over $27,000 per fake recall signature?!

From Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel:

Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign paid more than $100,000 to have recall signatures reviewed by a Chicago consultant that holds private investigator licenses and specializes in anti-corruption operations, among a broad array of other services.

Walker’s campaign finance records show he paid a total of $109,255 to Navigant Consulting in November and December.

Walker spokeswoman Ciara Matthews said the firm “provided consulting services to the campaign on the petition collection and verification process,” but declined to elaborate.

The firm holds private investigator licenses in six states, though not Wisconsin, according to its website. It also specializes in efforts to detect corruption for businesses. It also has divisions that provide economic forecasting, financial advising, forensic accounting and other services.

Walker’s campaign did not challenge any of the more than 900,000 signatures that were filed to recall him. The state Government Accountability Board, which runs state elections, found four fictitious names were included among the signatures, but said they found little evidence of fraud.


Looks like Mickey Mouse,  Bugs Bunny and the gang were just bluffing about signing the recall petition…


Mark Block facing federal campaign finance investigation?

As Scooby Doo would say, “ruh roh….”

Federal authorities have opened an investigation into two Wisconsin-based corporations founded and run by Mark Block, a veteran political operative who ran Herman Cain’s unsuccessful presidential campaign.

“They are very interested in Mark and these groups,” said a source familiar with the probe. “It is not my sense, right now, that Cain is a target.”

Read more about Mark Block’s history of campaign finance law violations HERE.