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Will Dooling: “MacIver Institute Predictions Wrong”

This column, written by Will Dooling, appears (along with video) on The Center for Media and Democracy’s PR Watch page (here). It was researched and fact-checked by Will Dooling; its accuracy is not the responsibility of Blogging Blue.

Allegations of Massive Fraud in Wisconsin Recall Proved False

by Will Dooling

Today, the […]

Peter Barca is NOT running for Governor

Despite a very persistent movement across the state encouraging Rep. Peter Barca to run in the recall election for governor of Wisconsin, Rep. Barca has announced that he is not a candidate:

Let me thank you personally for all of your kind support and encouragement for me to run for governor the past month. After […]

Humor: Kick the Can

H/t Steve Moore: In the Bleachers